What Our Christmas 2015 Looked Like

Firstly, I'd like to say that I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas with their families and that everyone has a wonderful, healthy 2016.

For us, Christmas was really lovely this year. It was probably the most excited I've ever been for any Christmas ever. Having an almost three year old and a six month old whose first Christmas it was, made the build up to the big day much more magical than any Christmas before. 

It was wonderful watching Ethan tearing open his Christmas presents and it was lovely that for the first of these sorts of celebrations where it comes to present opening (birthdays and Christmases), Ethan wasn't overwhelmed - he just really enjoyed himself.

After boxing day though I actually started to feel a little overwhelmed myself. I guess it was a mixture of rushing about, being out of the house and our normal routine, struggling to cope with my back pain which has been rather bad lately and fretting at the concept of finding space for a house full of toys. Space that right now, three months before our planned loft conversion doesn't really exist. On top of that, Adam had had lots of sales despite it being Christmas, and by Monday had over one hundred orders to split down and then pack. And whilst it's always nice that business is busy, it all became a bit manic and right now is the first opportunity that I've had to sit down and reflect. 

Despite becoming a little overwhelmed, Christmas Day and Boxing Day were both a lot of fun. Both days were spent with family and though Adam worked Boxing Day at his other job, he joined us in the evening and it was almost like he'd been there the entire day. 

The build up and Christmas itself was magical, but I'm ready to start the new year now. I'm ready to start throwing my head in to plans for the house and for the decor. I'm ready to get my head around a new routine as Adam changes his shifts in his other job. I'm ready to start focusing on my goals and plans for 2016.

Despite the fact that there are quite a few photos of our Christmas below, I actually took more video clips than photographs this year and I've shared a little video of our Christmas at the bottom of the post if you'd like to have a watch. 



  1. Ahh! How lovely! It looks like you had such a wonderful Christmas! Gorgeous photos x

  2. Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas! Logan looks so cute in his Santa suit. We did the same when Z celebrated his first Christmas. It has to be done :)

  3. Logan in a Santa suit - oh the cuteness is just too wonderful, he looks absolutely adorable!

  4. Oh wow. Looks like such a happy day. Such lovely photos and video too. Happy (late) Christmas! x

  5. What a lovely video Alex. You've captured everything so lovely. I wish I took some videos but I was just so mad busy getting everything organised. I have the same problem regarding the toys. It's so overwhelming. Luckily we decided to convert the spare bed room to a toy room.

  6. It looks like your had a magical Christmas! As much as I love Christmas I cannot wait for a bit of normality again xx

  7. Ahhh sounds like an amazing Christmas was had by all! I had to double take at that photo of Logan in his Santa suit, I thought it was an old one of Ethan - he looks so like him in that pic!! Roll on next Christmas hey! xx