The Time Machine For Parents With Lifecake

Kids grow up fast and I'm a big believer in enjoying the little things, because I know that one day I will look back and realise that those little things were actually the big things. I'm a believer that it's the ordinary moments that are sometimes the very best when it comes to family-life.

I cherish as many moments as I possibly can both whilst in the moment and here on my blog and through video. We're in a modern-age where taking and sharing photos of our children is something a lot of us enjoy. We want to remember the little moments as well as the milestones and with the power of technology and the Internet these days we want and we can share with our nearest and dearest. Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are great for this but with so many photos been shared, they often get lost in what becomes a rather big pile of beautiful moments. 

Taken almost two years ago, Ethan's first Christmas! 

But there's now an answer for this and it comes in the form of a sort of time machine for parents. Lifecake is a place to see and share your childs amazing progress in a fun and private photo and video time line. Forgetting about folders, you can enjoy the photos in one time line zooming to any age in a matter of seconds. You're able to find any moment easily via any device and you can even combine your photos with your partners! Photos can also be added via Dropbox, Facebook, Picasa and Instagram. You have 100% control and only you decide who has access. And the great thingLifelike's website and apps are FREE! Pretty cool, huh? You can download Lifecake via the App Store: http://apple.co/1OglDX7 or Google Play: http://bit.ly/UlMLdQ or also use the website if you'd prefer www.lifecake.com.

Showing they understand the needs of modern parents, Lifecake released this heart-warming short video clip which perfectly tells the story of the relationship between child and toy and the bonds of the modern-day family no matter how far apart. I'm not usually one to tear up at these sorts of things, but it's an emotional one! 

They are also running a great competition to support the film where you can win a three night stay at the fantastic Port Lympne Reserve as well as lots of fabulous runner up prizes. All you have to do is enter yourself into their photo contest to be in with a chance of winning. Upload a picture of you with your childhood toy (or your childs toy) on Facebook here, or simply share your pic on Iconosquare, Instagram or Twitter tagging @Lifecake and using the hashtag #MeAndMyBear. The full competition details can be viewed here: http://iconosquare.com/contests/meandmybear

This is me with my littlest boys favourite soft toy - Rabbit. :) 


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