Pop Up Pals | Ambi Toys Review

As we come to the end of our Ambi Toys reviews, I am sharing a bit of a classic. Pop Up Pals from the Ambi Toys collection is a fun game of peep-o for the little un's, with four smiley pals who pop up with the tap of a button with the the little yellow hammer that's included.

This is a toy that teaches and helps to develop hand-eye coordination as well as manual dexterity. 

Little Logan at five months is a tad too young to use this all by himself, but he seems to love munching on the the little pop up characters and he enjoys watching me tapping the buttons with the hammer and seeing the pop up pals pop up to say Hi! 

This is another toy that is great for sharing.. Ethan, Logan and I often sit down together and take turns popping up the characters. Again, as with all of the other toys in the range, Ethan really enjoys taking it upon himself to show his younger sibling just how it is done! And again, Logan loves that his big brother wants to join in and show him. 

As with all of the toys in the Ambi range from Galt Toys, we love the really bright colours! Galt Toys have got all of their baby and toddlers toys so right! Ambi Toys are well designed, bright reliable toys that babies and toddlers actually really want to play with. 

(Oh and it totally passed the taste test!).. ;)

From our experience of the range, I am pleased to say that the Ambi Toys range has totally satisfied the play needs for both of my boys (both a baby and a toddler). The toys are easy, there's no fancy gadgets These toys have been taken back to basics and have really been thought about when it comes to what young children actually really want and need when it comes to playtime. I personally love the collection and really enjoy watching my two little boys, even with Logan at such a young age, interacting together and enjoying their Ambi toys together. What more could we ask for?



  1. I like this! I was looking out for one for my daughter for Christmas but could only find ones with wooden hammers (which she would not be safe with haha!). Logan is so cute! xx

    1. Ah well I hope she loves it as much as Logan does! And thank you xx