Logan at Five Months

On one hand it seems like you've been here forever little Logan and it feels like you're more than five months. But on the other hand, I can STILL remember the feeling of being overdue and waiting so (im)patiently for you. 

You're such a little character now. It's like you've got out of newborn state and have become a little baby, with a huge character. You like getting what you want (don't all babies!) and you know what you like.

We've started you on a few meals, only a few little tastes, nothing major. Some mashed up rusks with milk and some other little jars. We stopped for a little while as you got poorly. Mummy got the flu and I think you did too, we were both so unwell. But Daddy nursed us through it, despite being unwell himself and now your back to tasting new tastes. You're loving new tastes, you get so intense when the spoon is coming towards your mouth - sometimes I actually fear for my life.. ;)

You love being settled in a certain way and you are a bit of a diva about it. You have to be rocked in your Snuzpod, with your grey bunny is a particular way. And you fight it. You really do fight your sleep. But it's okay, we don't mind, we can't complain because you sleep right through the night and have done since you were tiny (tinier). 

You like to watch a bit of TV! You remind me of your Dad - you love a bit of TV, your food and some sleep! - Just like Daddy! ;)
You have such lovely bonds with both of us and you love Ethan too. He makes you smile whenever he comes close. You're very interested in him and what he's doing and that makes me smile. 

You're such a lovely little boy, and oh so very beautiful. The next time I write an update for you, you'll have had your first Christmas. I hope you have a magical Christmas, I'm feeling so festive and I want to make this Christmas, our first as a four, the best we've ever had. 

Logan I love you so much more than words will ever be able to say. All my love now and forever, Mummy. xxxxx



  1. Ahhhh bless him, he's such a little cutie!! He's so like Adam and Ethan is so like you! First Christmas...aaaaaargh! Too exciting! xx

  2. Awww he is gorgeous. Looks like he keeps you busy :)

  3. So beautiful, love your posts, always so uplifting and stunningly shot and written x