First Taste of Something Other Than Milk

I seem to have totally forgotten when I first started Ethan on something over than just his formula milk.

I know that weaning usually starts from around six months, but I also know that it's okay to start them a bit earlier if you think they might be ready.

Logan's always been a bit of a big boy, born at 9lbz 1oz (somehow smaller than his brother!) and at around two months old taking 7oz every three hours! (It's now 6oz every three hours at four and half months). And so I think I always thought I'd try him on something else additionally before he turned six months.

After remembering that there are baby food jars recommend for babies over four months, I decided to try Logan on a little jar of banana porridge. It's funny because it brought back so many memories for me of when we used to spoon-feed Ethan like that, all the mess and the shuddering as he experienced new tastes! Spitting it out, but then wanting more! It's mad to look at Ethan now and see how much he's grown up! 

I managed to feed Logan and record his first taste and reactions, using my camera. I've embedded it below if you'd like to watch.

It all went really well I think. Well, until Ethan fell hand first into the bowl, (which is why I dropped the camera!) and then tried to clean his hand on my hair! ;)

I'm going to see how he goes and use my Mummy instinct when it comes to weaning.

I've got a Baby Bullet (the baby version of the NutriBullet) up in the attic, so I think it might be time to dust that off soon!



  1. Oh weaning! A time I do not miss LOL! It's lovely to go through the excitement of them trying new things and seeing how they react and eventually enjoying proper food but I wasn't a fan. I didn't like the mess LOL. Good luck with the next milestone!

  2. I loved making purée's for darcie when I weaned her, it's fun seeing them experience different tastes. I'm looking forward to this with Henry, but for now he is content with his milk! Xxx

  3. So cute, we did baby-led weaning with Zoe, so I have zero experience with the spoon feeding stage. It looks like he enjoyed it though. Its such a big milestone when they start being able to eat proper food. xx