Ethan - An Update at 2 Years 8 Months Old

Little Ethan! 

Firstly, Mummy loves you so much! 

And you should know that you make me so proud every single day with the things you do. You do something everyday that makes me feel with pride and feel like my heart might burst. We teach you so much and you teach us too. You teach me something new every single day. 

I feel like I just want to write about how proud I am of you, because that's all I can think of when I think about how I feel about you. You're such a wonderful, happy little boy and you love life.  

You're getting on so well at nursery You go two mornings a week (three next year) and you have made friends that you enjoy playing with, you seem to feel really comfortable there. You do so many fun things whilst at nursery and you're thriving there! 

You seem to learn new things everyday - you're inquisitive - always asking 'What's that?' if you don't know something. You shock us with what you know though, the latest thing is that you can recognise certain numbers! It's like when you learn something, you never forget (not like Mummy!). 

You're independent, not afraid to do things on your own and never afraid to approach people. I love and admire that about you. You're still a Mummy's boy and you still love my hair too, you're always trying to pull on it for comfort - you have done since you were tiny.

You still love watching Peppa (you're favourite program on TV) and you're really into your cars and trains. (You've asked for an orange train for christmas this year.). You also really love airplanes ever since Grandpop and Grandma took you to an airshow. You have so many toy planes and helicopters and you love running about pretending to be a 'jet plane' with your arms flapping behind you! 

You love having stories read to you and you still love being outside. You are doing AMAZING with your swimming - we couldn't be prouder! You've even managed to start swimming a couple of strokes on your own now, which is amazing little man!  

It's Christmas soon and I think that this year you're really starting to understand what Christmas is about, you're very excited about Santa and about your advent calendars and you loved helping to put the tree up! 

You sleep really well, you actually sleep through the night and STILL have a long nap (usually about 3 hours or so). You eat well, but can be ultra fussy about dinner., it seems to be a bit of a battle at the minute. 

As a big brother, you're loving and caring. You seem protective over Logan but you've not quite completely grasped the idea of sharing, though you're getting better at it. When encouraged you will share and you don't mind, but like most children of your age - it doesn't come naturally just yet. 

There's so much I could say about you Ethan, but I'll try and keep it short. To sum you up, you're just an amazing little character with a big heart and lots of personality. If I could sum up how your Daddy and I feel about you in one word, it would be 'proud'. 

We love you so much little man! 

All my love, Mummy xx


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  1. It is so nice to see our kids grow , learn and become independent ! Wish we could slow down time !