5 Ways I Unwind

Parenting. There are days when it all seems to flow.. and then there are THOSE days. Yeah those ones... The ones you want to run and hide from - though there's never seems to be anywhere to blimmin' hide. Those days come part and parcel with parenting and if you ever hear of any parent saying that they never get stressed.. well then I'm very sure that they may well be telling fibs. 

It's easy to feel overwhelmed, I sometimes feel like I've been put into a blender or like a tornado has past through the house the entire day. And it's not always easy to come down from that feeling, but I have a couple of things that I do to help relax myself. I'm not a bath type of person myself, I much prefer a shower, but I've heard that a soak in the tub can be a great stress reliever. But bath tubs asides, these are some of the things that I like to do when I'm feeling the strain.. 

Laying on the floor 
Now stick with me here, I've not gone mad... As a sufferer of chronic back pain, when I start to feel the pressure, my back muscles will generally start to tense up. I've learnt that whilst it doesn't remove the pain entirely, laying on the floor seems to help me to relax the muscles which helps me to unwind. 

Grabbing some fresh air
Honestly I think that this may well be my favourite way to unwind. Sometimes I feel so stuffy indoors and just getting out for a walk around the block or a trip to our nearby park makes me feel instantly better. It clears my mind and I feel like I can start to see things clearer. Plus, it's great for giving the boys a change of scenery and burning some of Ethans seemingly unlimited energy. 

Drinking tea (and eating biscuits/chocolates)
There's nothing I like to do better after the boys have settled for the night then to get myself a nice hot cup of tea and something sweet. It's sort of something that's just become part of our evening routine. I do often try to advise myself to stay clear of the chocolate - but then I think that after another day of being Mum, I very much deserve it. 

Lighting candles 
This something I used to do a lot, but then with having a toddler I kind of stopped or I used LED tea lights instead, which don't seem to relax me as much. However now that we're well in to the Christmas period I've started burning candles again, but only in the evenings when the boys are in bed. I tend to use candles that have a nice fragrance to them as they always relax me more. Nice scented candles can be bought over at Koch but I'm also loving my Yankee Candle advent calendar this year. 

Writing whilst listening to music 
Obviously I like to write my feelings down and on the hard days writing generally helps me to get inner feelings of stress and pressure out. I also like to pop my headphones on and listen to whichever type of music suits my mood at the time over on spotify. It relaxes me and also helps me to concentrate by blocking any distractions out. Obviously I can only really do this when Adam's home to look after the boys, but when I do get the chance, it's one of my favourite ways to unwind. 

As a busy Mum of two, I find that it really isn't always that easy to unwind and so I'm always on the look out for additional ways of relaxing to try and so I'd love to know what your favourite ways to unwind are? 


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  1. I love lighting candles too! A hot bath and a bit of TV helps me too. Great tips and I hope you get some relaxing over Xmas :) Jess xx