The Juggle

Somedays, on the hard days, the days that make me feel a little grey, I wonder to myself, "Am I doing this right?". 

I've heard so many things that say parenting is hard, but when I look around me or when I come online, it looks so easy. And okay, people, like I do here on my online space, put their best foot forward, showing the calm, the polished, because those are the moments we want to remember.

They're not fake. Those wonderful, amazing family moments do quite often happen, but that isn't to say that it's always so perfectly calm. Every single one of us juggles things, but as parents we do a lot more juggling than we ever did. It's honestly like having fingers in a lot of pies. More fingers than you actually possess.

The juggle can look seemingly easy when you come online, when you read blogs and watch videos. Even when you watch television or read about celebrities. There seems to be a bit more pressure these days to not only learn to handle the juggle, but to sort of make the juggle look somewhat easy. And I hate to think that my blog is a part of that, I started this blog for me, to record my happy memories, the ones I didn't want to forget. I started Bump to Baby when I was pregnant with Ethan (now 2 and a half!) and being pregnant for the first time made things feel so magical for me. I knew that I'd only be pregnant with him for nine months out of my entire life, so I turned to blogging to capture that time in my life. It turned into more than just a personal diary though. Now I get to connect with you, with other Mums who find and read my blog. And as an introvert with very few Mummy friends myself, being able to do that honestly means so much to me.

But I never want to give anyone reading my blog the impression that I am a 'smooth juggler', because I'm not. And sadly, I don't think anyone is. It's so easy to come online or watch the television, or read a magazine or to walk past a family out in the street and think to yourself, 'Why have they got it together, when I feel like pulling my hair out?!"But the honest truth is that you're seeing a glimpse of someones life. I think deep down we all know that, but it's just so easy to forget and then to question our own lives. I know I often do. So this is a reminder, a reminder to myself and for anyone else out there that needs it. Because no-one's ever handling the juggle as well as you might think.



  1. I love this post Alex! So real, I only have one child and he's a handful. Today has been a particular bad day (also had the bf annoy me which made things worse) with Ben, But I'm sure someone's had a worse day than what I have had xx

  2. Juggle....maybe more constant picking things up as they hit the floor for me some days since number 3 came along. Or fish them out of the potty...
    But we mums try our hardest. And I hope that's ok for my 3 babies x

  3. Yes, you're right, it seems parenting is becoming a performance! It's not. I think we're living the time of vanity, social media made the difference about that. But I think we have to remember that we are parents to our kids, not to other parents/people. It's not about showing someone we make a good job. We're only making our best for who we love more. Sorry for my bad English, hope you'll understand what I mean. Chiara