The Christmas Parade

Oo I'm so excited! I feel like I can properly start to feel festive now because last weekend my mother-in-law and I took the boys to a little garden centre Christmas parade. It was wet, soggy and a little cold, but we ended up having such a lovely time! (Despite the fact that getting the boys in and out of their car seats and the pram in and our of the car nearly broke us - someone needs to invest something to make that a whole lot easier!).

I'm really really excited for Christmas this year, not just the day, but the build up too! I wouldn't have said I was one of those people who loves Christmas before. But now that I have two children, one who is three in April, I am ridiculously excited about it and now can't get enough of all things Christmas related! I used to be like that with going on holiday - I never really thought much to holidaying, but now that we're a family, I absolutely love going away and getting a break together!

Taking the boys to the Christmas parade was awesome, it was one of those 'I love being a Mummy moments!'.  I can't tell you how much I loved seeing the excitement in Ethans face! Logan's a little too young at the moment to properly get excited, but he enjoyed seeing the characters and being out and about. Ethan however, love it all and even managed to get a photo with a real life Transformer and a hand shake from the main main himself, Santa! 

It was so nice being able to spend some time with my mother-in-law, I think really highly of her and so I really enjoyed having a bit of bonding time. We have a lot in common and I love that she and the family would do anything for not only the boys, but for Adam and I too. We're feel very lucky to have members of our family who are like that! 

We both spent the entire parade pretty much breaking our backs holding one of the boys each, but I still managed to get a few pictures and a little video too. I think I'd eventually like to make a bit of a Christmas video montage (I love a good montage!) of everything we do for Christmas this year but I thought I'd share this little video (at the end of the post) of our day too! :)



  1. I am overwhelmed by your comments . We had such a lovely afternoon and I feel privileged to be in such a big part of your lives . Being a mum (in law) and grandma is such an amazing thing . I feel very lucky to have such a great relationship with Alex and she is a fab mum by the way Susan xx

    1. Aw thank you :') I'm glad we feel the same. xx

  2. How lovely and so sweet :) What a superb idea for Christmas! Ahh they look as they they loved it. Will see if there is anything like that on here too xx

  3. Awww this looks like such a lovely day!!! Your MIL looks lovely and it's so nice to hear of someone having a good relationship with their MIL for a change - all I ever hear is people complaining about theirs and it always makes me a bit sad as I would so have loved the chance to know Jon's mum but she passed away when he was very young. It's lovely to see someone actually making the effort with their relationship!

    I LOVE garden centres at Christmas, they have so much beautiful stuff...I could spend an actual fortune!! We've got a Christmas parade to go to this weekend and I`m SO excited, I`m just hoping it doesn't get rained off! xx