Logan at 4 Months

I can't really understand how you're four months already Logan! The time has flown by since you've been born. It still feels like you should be my tiny little newborn, but as young as you still are, you've grown and changed so much. You've got your own little look and your own little personality. You've discovered how to get what you want (by screaming) and you are beyond beautiful.

I'm so proud to be Mummy to both you and your brother. It's not always easy being a parent to a toddler and a newborn, (you'll discover that when you hopefully go on to have your own children one day), but I honestly couldn't be happier and more content (again, you'll understand that when you're older too). 

You remind me so much of your Daddy, everyone says you look like him and I totally agree. You also look a lot like your brother, it's adorable. You're getting stronger and you hold your head up perfectly, so much so that you now go in the door bouncer. You've only been in a couple of times, but you seem to like it. You like being held upright and being tickled. You like it when I blow raspberries on your neck and chest. You're learning how to blow raspberries yourself. You like watching the hanging toys on your play mat and reaching up for them. You've discovered your arm and hands, it's so funny watching you look at your arm as you tend to go cross eyed! You're always pulling Mummy's hair out as you have such a strong grip with your fist, so thanks for that little man! 

There's only one way you like to be settled off to sleep and that's in your snuzpod, with rabbit next to your face, being rocked. Although you do go to sleep in the pram and car too. You also seem to like me singing to you lately, if you're crying and I *sing* you'll stop and listen to me. You really adore your Daddy, which is so sweet. And you still love your milk as much as you always have, you used to have 7oz every 3 hours, but we now give you 6oz. You sleep through the night (thank you!!!) and you have done ever since you were around a month old (or less). You're an amazing, precious little boy and we love you so very much our sweet baby boy.

Our family! 



  1. Stunning photos! You can really see how alike him and Ethan are in them. I can't believe he's 4 months already! x

    Abbie | www.lilymaeadventures.com

  2. He is an absolutely stunning little boy Alex, just such a beauty. And I cannot believe he is 4 months already, seriously where does the time go? x

  3. Lovely photos (as always)! Time always goes by so fast, cannot believe he's 4 months old already! And sleeping through the night, lucky you x

  4. Awww he's such a cutie!! What a lovely little smile!! xx

  5. How is he 4 months old already?! Crazy. Gorgeous boy x