First Time Swimming!

Wednesdays are our family day. A day to be together and to have as much fun as we can possibly cram in. This Wednesday we decided now that Logan has had all of his initial jabs, that we'd take him swimming for the very first time. Adam and I both said to each other whilst in the pool, that we so clearly remember taking Ethan swimming for his very first time, and actually it was at the very same swimming pool. It's pretty surreal to think that that was over two years ago and that we now have our second child in our arms. 

It was really lovely to take Ethan back to the swimming pool, it's not one that's local to us anymore. It's in the town Adam and I grew up in, but it's much funner than the ones that are more closer to us. It has a little section for children, a few little slides and the thing that sort of takes you around the water. I'm not sure what they call it, but it's where you're forced to go one way around the pool and it's hard to push back to go the other way. (Can anyone help me out? ;)..). 

Logan had an absolute blast in the water! As soon as we got into the pool, he was smiling and trying to float on his back - it was just so lovely to see. I sometimes find that at his age, I can sometimes feel limited to know what to do with him to keep him entertained, there's only so much shaking of a rattle that you can do, but swimming is definitely one of those things that at his age, he evidently loves!

Ethan really seemed to enjoy us all being in the pool with him and I did too! It was great for me to see how well Ethan is doing with learning to swim, because his Dad is the one who takes him now. Adam started taking him when I was at the end of my pregnancy with Logan, when I was far too knackered to get in the pool myself. I think it was then that he realised what he'd been missing out on and it's now somehow become 'their thing', but I don't mind - I think it's lovely! 

With permission of the staff at the pool, I managed to quickly capture a couple of photos on the phone (I had too, being Logans first time!) and a few seconds of video which I'm going to include in Novembers #MyMonthlyMontage. I'm so glad that I asked, we got told off back when we took Ethan for the first time a couple of years ago. But this time, I played by the rules and got permission first. ;)

I would say it's a shame about the quality as I had to zoom in a little and use my phone, but to be honest, sometimes the quality of the photograph just doesn't really matter, it's the memories that a photograph holds that matters the most!



  1. Oh it looks like you had so much fun Alex!! I do water babies with all my little ones and they have been swimming since they were tiny - Edie started at 2 weeks! It's a wonderful way to bond with your little ones and get some quality time in ☺️😘

  2. It's called a lazy river, Susan and Roy x

  3. Ah your boys are so cute. Looks like they all had fun :) I took my baby girl, Ava, for her first swimming lesson on Friday and she took to it so well. I think I was more nervous than she was. x

  4. Sounds like you all had so much fun. My two used to love going swimming as babies. They still love it now!

  5. Sounds like you all had an amazing time :) Lovely photos xx

  6. Ahhhh I think the photos are lovely!! I'm so jealous, I never have the confidence to ask the lifeguards at our pool if I can take photos - we use a hotel swimming pool so its always pretty full and they're so strict on the camera rules!

    Its lovely that theyre enjoying it so much! And yes, lazy rivers are the best!!!! xx