Brothers November 2015

I'm going to cheat here and use some pictures from Halloween, so technically October. But it was the very last day of October, so I'm allowed that I think. I just really wanted to use these photos of the boys in their little costumes on my bed together, because they looked so sweet, Ethan was dressed as a raccoon and Logan as a baby skeleton. 

I still haven't got over beaming about seeing my boys together, I'm sure I never will. It's incredible to look at them together and know that I created two little humans, two little boys, brothers, MY children. The result of the love that I have for their Daddy. 

I know that as they get older, this feeling will only intensify. I'm not naive enough to think that they won't squabble. Of course they will. But I know there will be moments of them sitting and playing together, helping each other to learn something, running around the park together, protecting each other. It's those moments that will make my heart feel fuller than it even does now. 

I share a lot of the good moments of parenthood because quite honestly there are so many of them, there really really are. Because even when you're so tired that you feel you can't move and when you're beginning to feel a little bit desperate to hear your own thoughts, it only takes a moment of seeing your children being sweet with each other, or to hear their laughter or to see them smiling, which make it ALL entirely worth it. 



  1. Oh your boys are so gorgeous. Love their Halloween costumes and they look so happy just sitting together, looking at books and toys. Beautiful photos :-)

  2. They are so cute together! Loving their costumes.

  3. I always see the month as from the last Siblings until this one so you are definitely allowed! :) Gorgeous photos, the boys look so content together x

  4. I know what you mean - sometimes I just look at my babies in wonder. Seeing how much the three of them love each other is just so precious!

  5. I love their costumes Alex and I completely agree, I think seeing my girls together is the best part about being a mummy. Logan is looking so much more grown up sitting up (kind of ha!) with his big brother. They are beautiful boys and you must be so proud of them. x