Three Months

To my beautiful little cherub, Logan. 

Oh Logan, how and when did you change? It's now occurred to me that you're much more of a baby and less of a newborn. You do things like holding your own head up, like laughing, like smiling (constantly), you like to be tickled, to be held, to have people around you and I'm pleased to say that I think I'm your favourite person. 

Logan I still remember clearly, you in my stomach, the kicks, the hiccups, the strange shaking that you'd do. I remember visiting the midwife, I remember not being able to get past things because of my huge bump. I remember posing in the same vest, in the same spot in our bedroom, every week for the weekly bump update. I remember writing those bump updates, watching every week pass so quickly - until we went past the 40th week of course - by then time had almost stopped and it felt like we were waiting the whole length of the pregnancy again for you. 

I remember my labour starting with you, I remember thinking it was easier than I'd remembered, but that was until it got intense - then it got worse than I'd remembered. And boy do I still remember the pain - that pain was unlike nothing I've ever experienced before. But then, you - my precious baby boy. Because it was then that I became a Mum of two, little old me - a Mum of two children. The centre of the universe for two little children, who I would always protect, love and grow. The two boys that I'd give my life too, the two boys that I'd do my very best to raise and then would one day let stand on their own two feet. My boys. 

Logan your smile lights up my life, it's contagious. And your laugh, wow - that's pretty much the best sound in the universe. You often watch me, you'll strain your neck to watch me if you have to, but on the occasions that you're not looking at me, I'm looking at you. I'm watching you learn about the world and everything in it. I watch you looking at your brother, watching him play. I watch you smiling at your Daddy and your family. I watch you soaking it all in. You're doing amazing my baby.

I love you more than it's possible to explain. All my love now and forever, Mummy. xx



  1. When I saw the picture I thought, gosh, he's not a newborn any more! It's amazing how they seem to change all of a sudden isn't it? Beautiful post and gorgeous pictures of your family. Xx

  2. Oh how lovely. What a beautiful post. Logan has changed so much over the 3 months and I'm sure you'll agree you want pregnancy to fly by then when it does and they're here, all you want is for time to stand still! My girl is 6 weeks now and I just wish I could re-wind time already! Those days really do fly by. They're the best.

    Paula ♥ | http://www.la-vida-fresa.com xo

    1. Ah this is so true! I know exactly what you mean. Thank you for your comment x