The Truth About Blogs

I often wonder as bloggers, whether or not we are giving off the right impression. Especially as parent/ family bloggers. Our blogs often capture the best moments and quite rightly so. Who wants to remember the tears? The tantrums? The days we fall in to bed covered in sick, snot and stained clothes?

I don't want to remember the moments I've lost my cool. The moments I feel like I've been a bad example to my kids, to myself. No thanks. I'd rather erase those moments from my memory as soon as I possibly can. No-one wants to be caught up on the negative. It's not healthy, they're not fun. Parenting is tough enough, letting ourselves get caught up on the hard days and the moments that make us want to pull our hair out, serves no use in helping up to get through the day in our role of 'Mum' or 'Dad'.

When I write my blog, like a lot of other bloggers, I tend to naturally lean towards writing about the good times. When selecting photos, I'll 'trash' the moody faces and the ones where the kids are looking in every other direction possible whilst my Husband and I make the most ridiculous faces and say the most weirdest of things to get them to laugh and to look at the camera. To which they then do, though, the look is generally more one of, "GET AWAY FROM ME NOW!" rather than "Yay, oh how I love my Mummy and Daddy".

It's crossed my mind a lot lately, that blogs, videos, social media platforms and of course, the ever perfect world of Pinterest, unintentionally can give off an impression of a 'perfect life'. I know this isn't a new thing and I know that most people are actually aware that this isn't actually the case behind closed doors. But it's just something I wanted to bring up. I have written numerous times about the days and the moments of Motherhood that I have and continue to find hard, as well as my battle with social anxiety and my struggle to accept and deal with chronic back pain. But I just wanted to reiterate to anyone that comes and reads any of my posts, that for all of the reasons in the first paragraph of this post, I may write about the moments that make me smile, I may share the photos that I think look the nicest, but as parents, we're all going through the same thing. 

Right now, I'm sitting here at half past 9 at night, holding my bladder (the bathroom's right next to Ethans bedroom and I don't want to wake him up). I'm wearing unflattering, non-matching clothes that are indeed totally covered in snot and baby sick. I have no make-up on, my hair hasn't been brushed all day. My house looks like an actual bomb has hit it. I have an epic long list of things that I need to do. I'm flustered because of this and also because I had a bit of a meltdown earlier, because this week has been epically tough. Plus we're all ill and as any parent will know, when your children are ill, everything gets thrown out! So yeah, that's all I really wanted to say really -  whilst blogs, vlogs and social media platforms are never a lie - they can sometimes just tend to lean towards showing all of the best bits, all rolled in to one. Because as I said in the first paragraph - who wants to hold on to and remember the days that make us feel just that much more grey?   

Ethan: "NO photos Mum!"..
Me: "Oh go-on Ethan, just one!"
Ethan: "I said NO!"
Me: "Look Ethan there's a squirrel!"
 Ethan: "Ooo Where??"
Me: "HAHA NAILED IT!!!" "Oh cr*p it's blurry!".



  1. I love this! So true. It's the pics of perfect houses that terrify me!

    Cat x

  2. This is very true. I often start writing posts about the negatives, and writing seems to help, but I rarely publish! I find blogging helps me focus on the positives, buy sometimes it looks like I'm painting a perfect picture. You put it into words brilliantly, lovely post.

  3. This is brilliant Alex. And something I also feel is occasionally nessassary to address. We are entitled to write about what we like and life throws curve balls occasionally and that's okay. Currently living in chaos while out kitchen is getting redone and everything is upside down to put it lightly. Really enjoyed reading this a very honest and enjoyable read x

  4. Very true! I mostly blog about nice and cute things too - I like to keep my blog as a positive place. That doesn't mean I don't get my share of the horrid side of parenthood or that my life is always perfect. And I'd like to think I realise it too when reading other blogs - everyone has their own crosses to bear, no matter how beautiful their Instagram accounts etc are :)

  5. This is so true! Loved reading this post. xx

  6. Oh I love this so much!!! It's so true. I definitely think it's better and also so inspiring to share the positives and the nice pictures on our blogs. It's nice for our families and friends to look back and see the positives too.

    But I completely agree, it is hard sometimes for people to believe that behind the scenes you are a normal family with messy houses and sick days. And that just like any other family on a day out your little ones can be complete monkeys!

    Recently I saw 'Capture By Lucy' share her 'Real life verses Instagram' in a post and it really reflects what our pictures are all really like behind the scenes. Also the lovely Emma over at 'Farmers Wife and Mummy' wrote a post 'Blogging The Out-Takes' which showed the pictures that didn't quite make the cut for her blog (they're hilarious and really relatable!).

    Posts like that and this one are such a brilliant reminder that we are all human and what you see doesn't always mean everything is perfect. Our blogs are little magazines of our life. You rarely see the out-take pictures in a regular magazine and yet you can only imagine how long those pictures also took to capture. I really hope you're all feeling better soon. xxx

  7. This is so true!

    That's exactly how I get photos as well...'Oh look a cat!' Ha!

  8. I can totally relate to this as I have more bad days than good but I don't often share that on my blog. I do write posts that never get shared, or even write posts in my head if that makes sense! It just makes me feel a bit better to have got it down even it I don't ever get it out there x

  9. Very true. I too don't really want to share all the negative or messy side of my life as I don't want to come down and see the dirty dishes in the morning, so why would anyone on Instagram want to see it??! Ha ha! Although I do like the blogs that lean towards the more humorous side of parenting too. I like a good mix of blogs and photographs and think that there is room for everyone. Great post - Jess xxx