Eating Broccoli Helps You to See The Moon At Night

Did you know that eating broccoli helps you to see the moon at night?

No? Well neither did I, but apparently it does. Or that's what I told Ethan the other day to get him to eat his little green tree-shaped vegetables off of his plate, which when placed in front of him instead of his favourite dish of pasta, made him look at me like I'd gone mad.

Oh, he's had broccoli before - plenty of times in fact, it's just that as he gets older Ethan very much believes that he should have more say in what gets served up to him come dinner time. And if we lived by Ethans rule dinner time would consist of a (rather large amount) of pasta as the 'main' followed by some sort of cake (he's really not fussy about which type) for dessert.

So Mama, knowing how fond her little boy is of the moon may have told a little white lie and said that if he ate all of his broccoli (or at least half) that it would help to him to see the moon that night, which actually materialised into not being such a little while lie at all.

Because that same very night, where it has previously been hiding out of sight, the moon did in fact come out to play and was beaming brightly in all of it's crescent shaped glory right into Ethans bedroom window, as if it was just on display totally for him. By this time Ethan had totally forgotten about how I'd previously willed him on to eat his dinner, but eager to prove to him a point that I previously didn't even know myself, I proudly showed my happy little boy the brightly lit moon and of course reminded him of how nicely he'd just hours before eaten up all of his broccoli.

And so it turns out that in actual fact broccoli really does help you to see the moon at night..
who knew?! ;) 



  1. I think you may have started a new twist on 'carrots help you see in the dark'! This is lovely blog post

  2. Lol!! Oh bless!!! Who knows, maybe it really does?! lol xx