What Being A Mum of Two Feels Like

(typically, when it comes to getting a photograph of me with these two - it inevitably results in me being the only one who is looking at the camera - thanks for that boys!)

If you've clicked on this post, it's likely that you'll either want to know what being a mum of two feels like or you'll want to know what my take on being a mum to more than one child is and to be quite truthful I think that it's rather hard to sum up what being a mum to two feels like and really even if I can sum it up now, I'm pretty sure that it'll change. It'll change as the months and the years go on and my two little boys grow and change. They say that young children change all of the time and it's true, they really do. I write my blog to record our happy moments and even the ordinary moments that are so often sometimes some of the best moments. I don't write it to record the negative, I much prefer to forget those times as soon as is humanely possible. I'm one of those people that likes to see the good in everything. I like to try and find beauty in everything around me, I'm emotionally charged and grateful everyday for life and for the people in my life. I'm a romantic I guess. But being this person and choosing to record the beautiful moments here on my blog, doesn't mean that there aren't times where I don't want to run and bury my head under the covers in a dark room and be alone from time to time (there are in fact - lots of those times!).

Having two children under two is by no means easy, it just really isn't. I've had to become near enough entirely selfless. I've had to learn to accept that I get less quality, one-on-one time with my Husband Adam, a lot less in fact. I've had many days where I feel totally on auto-pilot, where I've been so exhausted that I've taken two contraceptive pills in one day (somehow I thought that the day had changed?!),. Where I've totally forgotten what month we're in. Where I've had to throw away bottles I've made up because I've added too many scoops of formula for the amount of water.. I've had many days where both my boys have been totally constant, where my head has been banging from a lack of sleep, where my throat has hurt because I've forgotten to drink all day and where I've felt utterly overwhelmed.

But those sort of days get balanced out with the ones that make me feel so happy that I think I'm going to burst -  no day ever seems to be the same and I can never seem to predict how a day is going to go (apart from the days when I know I have an overtired toddler on my hands). I've thought and thought about how to best describe being a Mum of two on the not-so-smooth days and though I initially want to say 'tough', 'hard' or 'challenging'.. those aren't the right words. I think the best word to describe those sort of days is probably 'overwhelming'. It's true, there are absolutely days that are totally overwhelming, but even on those days, I still feel so full of love, contentment and absolute pride. When Logan looks up at me with his big blue eyes, when his eyes and face light up when he flashes me one of his (very cheeky) smiles, when he wraps his tiny hand around my finger. When I see Ethan laughing, when I watch him watching the world around him, learning everyday. When I see him in the park playing with other children, full of confidence and excitement - there's honestly nothing better. 

What does being a Mum of two feel like? At times it's completely overwhelming, sometimes it's straining and it's often manic. But at the same time it's the most fun I've ever had, the most content I've ever felt, the most happiest I've ever been and if I was to sum it up, I'd say that despite the overwhelming days, it really is the best thing in the world.



  1. I'm a Mum of two and I feel exactly the same. Can relate to this post so much.
    It is overwhelming. It doesn't get easier as they grow older but at the end of the day it is worth it isn't it.

    1. Absolutely, it is the most rewarding thing. xx

  2. Such a lovely, honest post Alex.

    I would love another child at some point but right now I can't even contemplate having two!

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

  3. I know you said it's overwhelming but to me it sounds like you're finding your groove- which does include a fair bit of baby brain in the early days for all of us!!

  4. Yes this is so true I agree completely. So very overwhelming but it does get lots easier and less overwhelming I have found. Xx

  5. Lovely post, nice to hear an honest point of view, but it still comes across as positive and you can really feel how appreciative and thankful you are for your family :)

  6. Lovely post Alex, as always. I can imagine it's as hard as answering 'what does being a Mum feel like?' to someone who doesn't have children. You have to live it to know it!

  7. I found the first 6 months went by in a blur. Completely exhausting and I was totally on autopilot. After that though it got easier and now having what were 2 under 2 is now perfect - it just keeps getting better and better! x