Online Apps VS a Trip to the GP?! What do YOU think?

Online GP diagnosis and video consultations have been heralded by some as the way to save the NHS. This has led to savvy entrepreneurs drawing inspiration from America and recent months have seen an influx of multiple subscription apps, which offer patients convenient online consultations with qualified GPs.

Following on from these launches Pryers Solicitors decided to ask the general public if they would be interested in using an online app in place of a visit to their local doctor’s surgery. Over 68% of respondents said they would not in results from the survey shown here. Overall the feelings for this new technology were negative, with the over 65s age group proving the least keen with a whopping 85% of respondents indicating they would not use an app. 

Personally, I can totally understand the idea behind it. It's not always easy to get to the Doctors and that's not just because GP's are often busy, I think it's a case of life just being busy, especially for parents with drops offs and picks ups to and from school and then of course work commitments and even other children/babies to take care of. So I can definitely see and appreciate the idea behind it. But I'm not sure that I'd prefer it over a visit to actually speak to my doctor in person. 

For me, there's something more reassuring in being able to be face to face with my doctor - being able to show them something in the flesh if I wanted to. It also feels more personal and though I spend a great deal of my time on the Internet these days, I sort of don't want to end up doing every part of my life here online. I also believe that sometimes people who have perhaps found themselves alone such as the elderly, may even prefer the idea of getting out of the house to speak to someone like their Doctor. Asides from that, there's also the issue of the fact that not everybody knows how to use the Internet or even a computer. But that's just my view on it.

What do you think? Would you be be interested in using an online app in place of a visit to your local doctor’s surgery?

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  1. I actually wouldn't mind an online or even telephone consultation, especially if it was something I was only a little bit concerned about and wavering over whether or not I should actually make an appointment or not!