A Little Nursery Update

My Husband usually picks Ethan up from Nursery, where he goes two mornings a week, but today I went along also. 

When we arrived, we found him sitting in a little circle with four other boys, playing cars together. 

Usually when he sees his Dad he'll run over to him and is ready to go home. But today when he saw us, he simply smiled at us and continued playing. When it came to telling him that it was home time, he didn't want to leave and just kept shaking his head, saying 'cars'. 

He's only been going for less than ten half days and already we've seen such a huge change in him. His speech has exploded as has his confidence. The nursery staff have also commented on how much of a change they themselves have seen in him. 

We really couldn't be prouder of our little boy and I'm so glad that I put my own hesitations and anxieties around sending him to nursery before he turned three to the side. It really has done him an absolute world of good. 



  1. Aww that's so lovely and such a relief too! Kitty was always the one sobbing at the end of the day because she didn't want to go home which I tried to see as a good thing!!

  2. That's lovely. So glad and happy for you both that he has settled in well :) xxx

  3. Aw that's lovely! I'm glad Ethan has settled in well at nursery, you must be so proud x

  4. I'm glad he's loving nursery. My LO is starting nursery in just over a week and I'm so nervous about it. I know it will be good for her though.

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

  5. I think T would adore nursery if we were able to send him. I am so glad he's settled in so well! x

  6. So glad he's enjoying it and that he's settled in so well, I know so many people have a hard time getting them to settle in at first.