The Ordinary Moments: Those First Smiles For Mummy

I feel like my head's trying to play catch up a bit, sort of like I don't quite know how it's been over a month since Logan arrived in to the world. I'd been so focused on meeting my little boy for so long during my pregnancy, that really all I seemed to think about was what the first few weeks of his life would be like. I hadn't really given myself a chance to think ahead to his 'firsts' and I'd certainly forgotten just how early some of those firsts might be.. like smiling. 

This week, at four weeks old, Logan smiled at me properly for the very first time. I wasn't sure if they were real smiles at first, as I'd forgotten how early babies can smiles from. But he just kept smiling over and over again at me,  even to the point where I was able to take a few photographs and capture a little video (I uploaded a 15 second clip of the video to my Instagram account) . The photos are grainy as it was 1 o'clock in the morning at the time, but they're so precious, that it really doesn't matter to me.

At the time I was sure he was much earlier with his first smiles than Ethan had been, but then I remembered that I'd captured Ethans first smiles on my iPhone too and that I'd blogged about it at the time, so I had a little search and I discovered that Ethan had been five weeks old when he first smiled properly at me - only a week apart from Logans first smile. 

Seeing Logan smile at me the way he did made my heart feel really full. There's something so magical seeing your baby smile at you for the first time. It's the way they study your face and your own smile. It's how bright their eyes are and how aware of you they are. It's almost like your baby is trying to tell you that he (or she) knows you are their Mummy. It's how much you can tell that as their Mummy, you comfort them. It's a million things. 

There's a common saying that says that 'A smile can go a long way'- and I've always thought this to be true. But, as a parent, the very first time that your baby smiles at you, it doesn't just go a long way - it stays with you forever. 

Logan at 4 weeks old.
Ethan at 5 weeks old. 



  1. Aww that's one of the best firsts, usually right at the point where you're so worn out you think you can't keep going and then they break into a smile and it's all worthwhile!! And oh aren't your boys smiles wonderful!!

  2. Oh Alex making me broody much? Look at Logan's little smile- he is utterly gorgeous! We really must meet for that coffee we have been saying for months- I would love to meet him and give him a cuddle. x

  3. Ohhh the first smile! Lovely. Such beautiful photos Alex x

  4. Aww these are so cute! And they are so alike too. I loved the first smiles. They just make the sleepless nights so worth while.

  5. Ahhh I love that you captured them both first smiles. They are adorable. What a lovely post hunny and can't believe how fast it's going already. #ordinarymoments

  6. Oh this is a beautiful post and I don't know where that month has gone either! x

  7. Lovely post and beautiful pictures too :-) You are so lucky to have caught those early smiles on camera too, as so many parents end up playing hide and seek with smiles when they try to film them to prove to everyone that they aren't imagining it, or it wasn't wind lol x

  8. Oh my goodness how cute! What gorgeous smiles for mummy! I can't believe its been a month already! Time is flying! xx