Newborn Colic/Trapped Wind - What Helped Us

I don't recall Ethan ever having an issue with wind or colic, he suffered with terrible reflux, but not with wind. Logan however, seems to be having quite a bit of trouble with bringing up wind. Last week, over the period of two days he suffered with it so badly that Adam and I spent the entire of one of the two nights awake with him, attempting to soothe him whilst he screamed continuously for hours - stopping only for a for a minute or so between the pain we believe he was feeling in his stomach. 
The first day it happened, it started around 4pm, we noticed that he seemed to be dribbling and frothing initially and we were a bit confused as to why. A few hours later, he was screaming and crying like we've never heard him before, his stomach kept going hard like he was tensing it and it became clear quite quickly that he was in pain and was struggling to pass wind. The pain seemed to be coming in waves and Adam and I between us were doing our best to soothe him and also look up different techniques to help relieve his discomfort. 

The first night, Adam rushed to the pharmacy to get him some infacol. I don't know how quickly it's supposed to work but a few hours after we first used it, around 9pm,  Logan started to settle and his discomfort seemingly went away, until the following evening. The next day his pain returned around 8pm, we'd noticed the increase in dribble again just before. That was the night that it went on and on and we were up all night. It was so incredibly hard to see Logan in so much pain and not be able to help him - as he cried, so did I. And as for the lack of sleep, well, it felt pretty torturous. 

I'd spoken to the health visitor about it and and she agreed that it seemed like it he was suffering from colic/wind. We went over some techniques to try to help him and she offered some advice. I also spoke to some fellow bloggers and a good blogging friend of mine, Hayley, who's own young new baby Noah had suffered with wind also, suggested changing his formula to comfort milk. We've since used the following products, designed specifically to help with colic and wind and ever since haven't had any problems with Logan bringing up wind or being in pain. After what we witnessed him go through, even for just those two days, we're so utterly relieved and so I thought I would share this in the hope that it might serve to help other parents with little one's in the same horrible situation.
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Since changing Logans milk and using the infacol, we also changed over to purely using MAM Anti-Colic bottles. I've used a number of bottles between Logan and Ethan and these are our favourites. Logan takes them so well and the design of them is truly well thought out and brilliant. I've taken the below photo of the back of the box to give you more of an idea about how well designed they are, though I appreciate that the text is a little small, so if you can't quite make the text out, I really encourage you to have a read up about them here. They're very clever bottles, even to the point where they are self-sterilising in the microwave, I really do rate them. 



  1. Our little man went through some issues with wind too. It was horrible, and always in the evenings and at night when all you want to do is sleep. We also found infacol before a feed really helped him. He just seemed to swallow a lot of air when he fed and as a result was windy and quite sicky, but the infacol seemed to keep it all in his stomach a bit more. We also used good old fashioned gripe water after a feed sometimes if he seemed to be getting a bit uncomfy; without fail it would almost instantly produce a huge burp and it was suddenly happy again.
    I'm glad you've found things that work for you. There is nothing worse than having an unhappy newborn because they can't tell you want to do to help them. Fingers crossed you've cracked it and he'll be happy from here on out. x

  2. Up to this point I don't know if Chloe suffered with reflux or colic. it's a hit and miss to find this out I haven't changed her milk in case it upsets her even more. She was never a fan of her milk since the age of 3 months. For that reason I think she will be off bottles by the age of 1. She loves her food though.
    We tried infacol, gaviscon, lactose drops. Nothing really worked.

  3. Oh it's just awful isn't it. We had such an array of meds as we had reflux to deal with too, so gaviscon and ranitidine. I really hope this works for you and it'll be the end of it. x

  4. We used colief for Reuben (he was bottle fed) and it was WONDERFUL. Nothing has ever really worked for my breastfed babies, though they didn't suffer as much I don't think. I guess one thing will work for one that won't for another - it's all trial and error! H x

  5. Lily had colic too - It would start at 4pm every evening and last till gone midnight. I would dread that time of day! What worked for us was something called colief drops and switching to comfort milk. It went at 15 weeks if I remember correctly. I'm glad your managing to find at least some relief, poor little Logan! x

    Abbie | www.lilymaeadventures.com

  6. oh, glad you found a solution. My daughter has been struggling a bit with wind. (I think). But no where near to the point where we have to stay up all night with her but it still makes me feel horrible when she does that painful looking cry! I have started doing baby massages on her stomach and bicycle legs. Not sure if its helping though.

  7. Poor Logan :( sorry to hear he's been suffering. We've had the exact same with Parker and it's horrible to watch without being able to help. We're using infacol and switched to Dr Browns bottles which has helped. We will definitely use comfort milk of it gets worse though as I know it worked wonders for Indiana xx