Logan at Two Months Old

Dear my sweet little Logan Berry, 

It's somehow been two whole months since you were born - two whole months since I've been able to hold you in my arms and see your little face! You've grown so much since birth, even though you were 9lb 1oz at birth, you're even more of a chunky monkey now! You're currently in the 95th centile for both height and weight! You seriously love milk, the more you can get the better - you're drinking 8-9lbz sometimes in one go! The great thing is though, is that you'll sleep so much at night, sometimes 9+ hours, still - I'm surprised you haven't popped!

Logan, I know I'm biased, but I think you're totally beautiful. You have the most gorgeous smile I have ever seen. Your whole face lights up when you smile, it's such a cheeky little grin that you've got. On the subject of smiling, you think it's hilarious when I stick my tongue out at you and blow raspberries. You like it so much that you've learnt to do it yourself - not the raspberries just yet, but you do stick your tongue out when I do. You also gurgle and babble a lot now, it's so sweet and when you do it, it brings me back so many memories of when Ethan used to do it. Gosh, doesn't time fly?!

Despite being a lovely little baby, you are rather fussy and sometimes you just don't seem to know what you want. You are a very particular little man and you like things your way. You want to be held all of the time and you get frustrated if we don't hold whilst we are standing up (you know instantly if we go to sit down). You like having me close to your face - you like it when our noses touch and when I place my hand on the side of your face. I think you're rather cheeky, you sometimes make these loud noises, like you're trying to cry, but really you just want to be picked up and then when we then do pick you up you give us one of your very cheeky, very big grins like "Haha, I got what I wanted!" - it always makes me laugh!

You're quite rude in that you do a lot of burping and you pass a lot of wind ;) You'll often watch a bit of TV when it's on - it was Tom and Jerry the other day! And you love a warm bath, but you're not so much of a fan when it's time to get out! You notice your brother quite a bit, I really feel like you know exactly who your family are. Ethan really seems to have quite a large soft spot for you. He's always had it, but lately he's being even more caring towards you. He calls you, what sounds like, 'Lowlowg". You had your first set of injections last week, Daddy took you as Mummy hates that sort of thing and he said that you were a very brave boy!

Logan I love you with all of my heart. All my love now and forever, Mummy. xxx



  1. He's growing up so fast! He has the most gorgeous eyes and sounds exactly like Parker with wanting to be cuddled all the time. Clearly mummy's boys but I love it xx

  2. 2 months already?! Wow. That has flown by! He is absolutely gorgeous! xx

  3. He is absolutely gorgeous Alex your amazing baby spam is making me so broody. I love it. One month already has fast does that go? WoW he is clearly having a great first month. :) Can't beat a mummy's boy B nothing wrong with that. I love it.

  4. Ahhh he's so cute! Look at those eyes. I love the photo where it looks like he's fist bumping the camera! Their grins and laughs are the best! Noah is a bit of a Tom & Jerry fan too, it always grabs his focus! xx