10 Things I'm Bad At...

You're probably thinking what an odd choice of blog post.. and you're probably wondering why I'm purposely picking out the bad points about myself and totally bypassing the good. Well, the truth is, I've been thinking a lot lately about the perception that we have of everyone else lives.. the people around us, the peoples blogs that we read, the peoples videos we watch on YouTube, the people we see in magazines and on the television.. I think we all have a tendency to compare ourselves to others and wonder how everyone else is doing it - life, that is! 

So sometimes I think it's nice to throw your hands up and say "Hey - these are some of the things I get wrong or that I am bad at!".. We all have our faults, our bad habits, our weaknesses (as well as our strengths)! So on that note.. here are some of the things I am bad at..  

1. Maths -- I'm actually not that bad.. I mean I can add up, take away, times and divide.. it's just the rest of maths that sends my brain to sleep. I don't even know what trigonometry means.. let alone how to do it!

2. Following Instructions -- yep, totally bad at this. I get bored after the first sentence (if I get as far as opening up the booklet/leaflet that is). 

3. Cooking --  I tend to stay out of the kitchen. That's the Hubbys territory now. I've even previously managed to burn baked beans in the microwave! 

4. DIY -- I admire those people who are able to put together flat packs, take care of the boiler and fix other appliances when they go wrong, put shelves up, build things from scratch, up cycle furniture and all that sort of stuff. But sadly, I'm just not one of those people.  

5. Giving Directions -- I should be good at this since I'm often asked to do so in my other job. But the reality is, is that I am often forced to admit that I really can't direct myself (or others) absolutely anywhere! It took me 6+ months to be confident enough to drive around the town I grew up in.. it's terrible! Luckily, I have a good friend who is simply brilliant at passing directions and I call him, Mr 'Google Maps'! 

6. Staying up late -- I just can't do it! I never have been a night owl and these days I'm often pretty much asleep before Ethan even is! 

7. Eating healthily --  I try, I really do. Okay - maybe not as much as I should. But the thought is there! Really!.. it is! If you think that all vegetarians eat is veggies.. think again. I'm addicted to cheese and pasta.. often together, far too often in fact! 

8. Finding enough time in the day -- Argh! I suck at this. Where's the time at?!! I seemed to have so much as a child! In fact, I often felt 'bored'.. something I never seem to be as an adult. Which is actually a good thing.. I guess?! 

9. Styling my hair -- When I've tried to style my hair previously, it has turned into an hours worth of trying and me looking a bit, um, ridiculous and then my arm will start hurting and then I lose my patience with it all and I go back to letting my hair just hang down and then I realise, oh, I've just wasted an entire hour of life! Yep..  I don't even bother anymore..! 

10. Keeping fit -- I do want to be better at this. I'm not bad because I'm bad at sporty-type-things, I'm bad because I just don't do sporty-type-things! But I want to! Again - the thought is there!.. I will get better at this, it's something that's on 'the list'.. (along with many other things!).

So there you have it - ten things I am really no good at! (Most of them are through a complete lack of interest in said subject admittedly). 



  1. Love this Alex! It's so true you look at people's lives through media and think they're getting it all right and you've got it all wrong! Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses and we have to remember that x

  2. I'm rubbish at math too. I also struggle to eat healthy. I just love food too much LOL!

  3. Love it! I am terrible at maths. Takes me a while to add, takeaway and divide things up! There were 9 sets in my school year, I was in the last set, I was that bad! Even had an E in GCSE ha ha!

  4. I am so with you on eating healthily! It's a daily struggle haha! I just want all the cheese and chocolate xx

  5. hehehe! I am bad at most of those things too, especially maths! lol x

  6. I zone out when it comes to maths, I have always been terrible at it. I just think the part of my brain that works that kind of stuff out isn't there! ;)

    I don't think knowing our own limitations is bad thing, well done you for sharing yours.

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

  7. Haha I am so bad at maths and also awful at styling my hair! I wish I was good at it! xx

  8. Lol! I`m AWFUL at maths too, my brain just doesnt let go there! I hear maths and it just says "Nope we're not interested, lets switch off..." lol xx

  9. I feel like there's this perception of lifestyle bloggers that we have amazing hair and a knack for DIYing everything, so I'm glad I'm not the only one who struggles in those areas! I tend to wear my hair in the same messy knot every day because it only takes a few seconds to do, as opposed to fighting with a brush, blowdryer, styling products, etc.

  10. I'm a vegetarian too and you can't beat a cheesy pasta dish or a pizza! :) Yum!