Brand New Video Consultation Service with Children's Health Experts from WellVine + Free £30 to Spend

Everybody knows that babies don't come with manuals, as parents we are taught to use and to trust our parenting instincts. But we're also taught to listen to the advice around us, be it from our own parents, our friends who've had children or from health professionals. As parents, we all occasionally need a little support - someone to go to for some advice. 

WellVine, who've just launched a new digital health centre for children know that ‘it takes a village to raise a child’ and so are making it their mission to build that village using a network of doctors and other top quality health professionals to support parents and parents-to-be through pregnancy and parenthood. 

The idea came about when founder Hina Zaman, a new mum, back at work full time, found herself struggling to make it to doctors’ appointments for her baby and realising that there were many more parents also struggling to take days off of work to take their own children to the doctors' and who, as a result, had had to resort to reading conflicting information online, she decided to set up a brand new approach to accessing health advice.

WellVine is there to connect parents with children’s health experts using face-to-face video consultations in real time, from GPs and paediatricians, to breast feeding, nutrition and sleep consultants. Parents can book appointments at a time that suits them and talk to a health professional, whether they are at home, or on the go. 

Consultations start from £30 and all consultants are fully qualified, vetted and experienced. You can find out more about the brand new service, watch a video on how it all works and even take advantage of a FREE consultation worth £30 when you sign up at wellvine.co.uk. (Your account will be created with £30 to spend on a consultation of your choice after sign up).



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  1. I think this is a brilliant idea! I feel like my GP is useless so I'd be tempted to use this! xx