The Ordinary Moments: "I Wanna Be Like You"

I've spoken before about the fact that my own 'Dad' left when I was 3 months old, just before Christmas, leaving my Mum the hard job of raising me alone. And I've also spoken about how utterly unexplainably happy it makes me to watch Ethan and his Dad together, because of this. 

They have this unbreakable bond that melts my heart. There's so much I could never take for granted.. like the fact that Ethan gets to spend so much time with his Dad and the fact that he really does have the best Daddy in the world - one who would do quite literally anything for him. 

Adam understands to a degree how much seeing them together fills my heart and why it sometimes brings tears of happiness to my eyes, but I don't think he could truly ever completely understand how much of a wonderful Father I think he is. 

Ethan thinks the world of his Daddy and he loves nothing more than trying to be just like him - doing the same things and 'helping'. Whenever Daddy cuts the grass - out comes Ethan's little lawnmower (that he refuses to let us open properly so that he can use it the way it should be - he's stubborn like that!). Whenever Daddy gets his tools out, so too does Ethan, rushing to find his little tool play set and then using his plastic screwdrivers to 'help' his Daddy with the DIY. 

One of Ethan's favourite things to do at the moment with his Dad is the hoovering.. it's such a simple thing and one us adults think of as nothing more than just another job on the list of tedious housework that needs doing, but to my little boy it's an opportunity to be like his Dad. He genuinely gets upset if either of us go to hoover without him. (Sadly, however, the bottom of his little hoover snapped off today.. Ethan's really sad about it and I think we're going to need to replace it pretty pronto!).

I think that anyone who is a parent will be able to understand just how utterly amazing it is to watch your child/children learn from the other parent, how lovely it is to see them snuggled up together and how content it makes you feel to see and feel how much adoration your child has not only for you but for their other parent too. But I do think that when you've grown up without both parents in your life, and then you become a parent yourself, watching your partner and your child together is something that hits you in a place inside so hard that you almost feel like you're dreaming. 



  1. This is such an adorable post.
    I am so sorry to hear that your Dad left you at such a young age.
    My Dad was left to bring me and my brother up and my Mother didn't want us.
    These photos are lovely and it's so nice seeing such a close bond between them both.

    1. Thanks you Bethan :) Aw I'm sorry to hear that you too only had one parent raise you. But you know what - we're so much better of without them if that's their true colours, right?! xx

  2. So sweet!!! It must be such an odd feeling seeing your childs bond with their father when you grew up without one - I imagine it can be quite bittersweet, so pleased for them but it must make you wonder what it might have been like too if you'd had a nice Father like Ethan has - but then these things can't be changed and they work out in the best way they could, your Dad obviously was't up to the job and its only him thats missed out at the end of the day - look at the family he could have had xx

  3. This is a beautiful post, and I just love the photo of the two of them mowing the lawn together. One to treasure x

  4. How sweet is this post and I think the photo of them both mowing the lawn is the cutest darn thing! It needs a frame. STAT! haha! x #ordinarymoments

  5. This is a beautiful post Alex and I love the photo of them mowing the lawn together. I was lucky in that I had a close relationship with both my parents even though they divorced, but J had a similar upbringing to you. One day when he was two his 'dad' just went to work one day and never came home. He left his Mum to raise two young boys on his own. It makes me just sick and angry when I think about it, especially as I look at my girls who are the same age now and wonder how any human being could do that to their own flesh and blood. But then I think actually it's his loss and he has made my husband into the best Daddy we could ask for. It sounds like Adam is a wonderful Daddy to Ethan. x

  6. Aww this is lovely. Lots of gorgeous pictures too!

  7. What lovely pictures. I love seeing my hubby and Eli together too. It makes up for the rubbish Dads both Hubby and I have.

    Cat x