Little Tikes Cape Cottage Playhouse

I remember when I was younger and my Mum brought me a pop up tent which we put in my bedroom - I was so excited, I had a space for my own, somewhere I could go inside of and pretend was my own little house. It was somewhere I could hide, somewhere that was just mine. Somewhere that as a child was full of excitement. It was just a pop up tent with a little door on the front and nothing more, but when you're young you don't think like that. The world and all the things in it are there to be explored and used as a tool for the excitement of imaginary play. I never had a garden playhouse, my brother and I would use the garden shed as our playhouse instead, but I know just how excited I would have been to have one. 

Little Tikes Playhouse, Little Tikes Cape Cottage Red
Recently we were contacted by the PR company for Little Tikes and were asked if we'd like to review their Cape Cottage Playhouse. We very obviously jumped at the opportunity, knowing how excited Ethan would be to have a house in the garden that he could call his own (well just until his little brother arrives and becomes old enough to play in it too!).

Little Tikes Playhouse, Little Tikes Cape Cottage Red

His Daddy built it for him as soon as it arrived at our house, with Ethan occasionally attempting to help and showing lots of interest and wonder at what new thing Daddy was building for the garden. It was lovely to see his face when it was finished and he realised what it was. It was equally as lovely to watch him run straight in, shutting the little door behind him and then fling open his windows. He'd claimed it - it was his little house and it's one that he'll go on to make lots of memories inside of. I can already imagine him role playing with his little brother (Ethan taking the lead naturally as being the eldest). I can see them hiding inside of it and giggling and sheltering themselves from the rain inside of it rather than wanting to come inside.

Little Tikes Playhouse, Little Tikes Cape Cottage Red

There's a little hole for his post on the front and so his Dad gave him one of his small envelopes that he uses to pack his Lego for his business. Ethan knew what to do with it straight away and excitedly pushed it straight through. We've set up his little fold-out garden chair inside of the house, which coincidentally is the same shade of red as the playhouse is, so Ethan has somewhere to sit and relax in his new house. 

Little Tikes Cape Cottage Red

It's a great little playhouse for the garden and it's certainly lit up our little mans face. I just know that it's going to be something that will grow with not only Ethan, but with his younger brother too. I can already picture their adventures and their imaginations running wild inside of it and so we feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to be able to give him it. 

You can find out more about Little Tikes and their Cape Cottage playhouse here. This particular Cape Cottage has an RRP of £99.99 and is brand new for Spring 2015. The recommended age of use is from 24 months - 5 years. 



  1. Aw so cute! Sienna has been asking for a playhouse this past week! xx

  2. Lovely I bought one this week and had it built in no time. we have the tan version.

  3. Ahhhhh this is adorable! I love the little post box, maybe you have a future postman there! :) That is a bargain price too! xxx