A Sunny and Impromptu Picnic in the Park

Isn't June just being totally strange weather wise here in the UK? One minute it's grey, cold and raining and we're all begrudgingly getting out the jumpers and trousers again and the next it's full-sun, heatwaves, sunglasses, sun lotion, shorts and dresses! I'm adamant that our weather seems to get stranger every year!

We don't get much nice weather here sadly, so when we do a bit of sun I think us Brits all get a bit excited. We all appear happier and everything seems to feel nicer and better doesn't it?! Suddenly everyone wants to go out for the day and so the roads start to fill up with more cars and the restaurants get fuller. The sun has a such a positive effect on people.. we just need to find a way to bottle that effect it I think. ;)

Not last Thursday, but the Thursday before that was just such a beautiful day. Adam took Ethan to his swimming lesson in the morning, whilst I stayed at home and caught up with some blogging whilst waiting for someone to come and pick something up from us that we'd sold on eBay. When Adam and Ethan got home I decided that the weather was just too nice to stay home and have lunch, so we packed up a few sandwiches and other bits that we had sitting in the fridge and cupboards along with a few drinks, loaded it on to the back of Ethans trike along with a ball to play with and off we headed to our local park, which because of the time of day and the fact that it was a weekday, was empty, all apart from a digger that drove past, the driver of which was kind enough to wave to Ethan as he went by. 

It was whilst sitting in the blazing sun eating our lunch that I reminded Adam of how we'd taken our February Me and Mine snaps there in the exact same place, but back when the entire park was covered in sprinkles of snow and the trees were all completely bare of their leaves. It made us both smile to think about how the seasons change and just how quickly the months can and often do go by!

After a little lunch, Ethan went and explored the park whilst Adam and I watched on, we spoke about how great it will be to see Ethan and his little brother playing together in this park in a few years time or probably less. Things would really have changed by then and it's sort of strange to think that an already seemingly grown up Ethan will be even more so grown up. 

Ethan and his Dad then went on their usual 'assault course/trail' around the park. It's become of a bit of a thing that they do whenever they are there together, which is pretty much three or more times a week! I love seeing them together and so I took the opportunity to take a few photos of them playing whilst stood there feeling really proud of them both - Adam as a wonderful Father and Ethan as the most wonderful little boy who always seems so confident, happy and full of life. 

I love them both so much and I really love the days like these.



  1. The impromptu days are often more fun than the planned days out. Looks like you had a really lovely time!

  2. The weather here has been so weird! I think mother nature never got the memo that its meant to be Summer here in Engand!

    Lovely photos, it looks like you all had a great day x

  3. You're very right, as Brits we are very good at grabbing nice weather when it does decide to appear (sadly not as regularly as I'd like). This looks like such a cute little picnic and park trip, adorable! x

  4. Lovely pictures Alex. It's so nice to be able to get out in the sunshine isn't it!? xx

  5. This looks so lovely alex, makes me want to pack up a little picnic and take Freddie out in the sunshine when we are back off our hols! X