Spring / Summer Childrens Trends For Boys and Girls

Who else is excited for finally a little bit of warmer weather?! The sun has been shining brightly here in the UK recently and though there is still a chilly breeze in the air, it's been lovely to feel just a little bit warmer - I could swear that it felt that winter seemed to go on forever and ever!

The promise in the air of warmer weather gets me excited not only for warm summer days in the garden and an increase in family days out, but also because I know that I'll soon be able to ditch the baggy oversized jumpers that I seem to have worn over and over again recently for much nicer, much lighter, brighter spring / summer clothes. And it's not just me that I'm excited to buy for - I'm also excited to finally be able to update Ethans wardrobe, I feel like he too has outworn all of his same jumpers and jeans and I sort of feel like he's been stuck in the same navy blue and grey colours for an eternity. So I can't wait to be able to bring out the bright clothes and dress him in something a little different!

Today I am sharing two spring summer childrens trends mood boards that I've created.. one for girls and the other for boys. Everything on these boards is available to buy from Melijoe - they're a bit of an all round great central hub who sell childrens clothing from some of the nicest kids clothes brands around - so it was nice and easy for me to get lots of summery inspiration!

Putting these boards together has really brought on that summer-feeling for me and though I'm a little early - I really am just so excited for hot summer days and the warmer evenings and nights! Plus I'll be adding another member to our family this summer too! So there really is so much to look forward to!

Are you a fan of spring/summer or do you prefer autumn/winter?



  1. Awwww such cute picks! It's nice to fantasy shop for a girl isn't it!? lol!

    I love those yellow shorts and the hat on the boys board, so cute! xx

  2. I am so excited for summer. Forget spring, that's still too chilly. I love wearing shorts and feeling the sun warming my skin ... Maybe a little tanning too. But last year I was heavily pregnant with P3 and found the beautiful summer we had absolutely awful!

  3. I love Spring/Summer collections for the kids. The clothes are so much brighter and fun compared to Autumn/Winter.

  4. I absolutely love denim shortie dungarees. Gorgeous choices! x

  5. Love spring/summer.You get to wear the nicer clothes :)

  6. The clothes are so cute! Definitely good to know what the trends are especially since my baby is due in August and living in California those styles of clothing are going to be what I most likely need.