My Fears and Phobias

I'm one of those people that like to play it safe.. I don't possess a single urge to jump out of a plane to experience what it is to skydive, or to throw myself off of a cliff to know what it's like to bungee jump. If I was famous the last opportunity that I'd want to be involved with would be to travel to the jungle to live amongst creepy crawlies. 

I can relate my lack of desire to do these things to my own personal fears.. I don't want to jump out of a plane or bungee jump because I'm scared of heights. And I wouldn't want to spend time camping out in the jungle, because I have a fear of bugs (ALL bugs including ladybirds and butterflies.. people they're really not pretty!).

I have quite a few fears, but I don't know if they're classed as proper phobias? When I think of someone having a phobia - I think of something that makes them so scared that they find it hard to even leave the house.

The things I'm scared of, I've been scared of for a long as I can remember and in all honesty I'm not quite sure what it was that initally began my fear towards them. But if I was to create a sort of list of my fears, it would look something like this..


- All insects
- Any height
- Death (especially when it comes to my family) but I'm not sure that this is the same sort of thing as the two listed above? As this is more of a consistent worry.)


- My Son and/or Husband being up high
- Having my face under water
- Clowns
- Confined spaces
- Certain types of balloons being held or being let go of outside
- Certain social situations (big groups can cause me anxiety)
- Needles 

My fear towards insects and heights is something that I doubt will ever change. They are my major fears and are the two that I have grown up with and have possessed for as long as I can think back to. 

I fear death, especially the death of my family but in a different way to my two other major fears. I sort of feel that this one doesn't belong in this category but that I should mention it as it is something I worry a LOT about and truly do fear. 

My lesser fears do not play as big of a part in my day to day living as the majors do. The lesser fears on my list cause me more of an anxiety then a real terror or fear. And I suppose some of my listed 'lesser fears' are perhaps, to some people, a little unusual. But it's sort of hard to explain why those things make me feel so uneasy. Before writing this post I had a quick Google of some unusual fears to see what sorts of uncommon things people admit to being scared of and to see if any of my own unusual ones were mentioned at all. I came across a recent Benenden post on the 'Most unusual fears' and found that 18% of surveyed people admitted to being scared of clowns, which was quite interesting! Although I didn't find anything about a fear of certain types of balloons being let go of outside, so maybe that's ones just me?..

I find it quite interesting to think about fears, phobias, worries and anxieties and how these things all sort of relate to each other.

I'd be interested to know if you have any unusual fears? 

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  1. I have a lot more fears now as a parent than I had before that - I was pretty fearless in my teens but I think motherhood has brought the worrier out in me! x

  2. The only real major fear I have is death. I know what you mean about it not being in that category though. Like it is always there nagging at the back of your mind. I think its the whole never ever again that scares me. As a teen I suffered with severe panic attacks through the fear of death.

  3. I don't really have fears or phobias although I do have respect for things that could hurt me. I find it a fascinating topic though, my husband is scared of heights and I won't let him show this in front of my kids because I don't want them to be frightened as well.xx

  4. Do you remember when you were little and was screaming your head off at the top of the climbing frame? Both myself AND my neighbour came out to see what was threatening my little princess, was it a lion? Was it a rabid dog? Nah it was a ladybird!!!
    I can't talk though my phobia is buttons!!!