It's Christmas for The Cats too!

Firstly, thank you all so much for the messages of congratulations regarding our baby news yesterday :) I always get so blown away by how lovely the people who read my blog and fellow bloggers are!

Secondly, it's just one week until Christmas day! How fast has December gone so far?! It's so crazy!

Today I am going to talk presents, but not of the human-variety, no, today it's all about the animal kingdom (or rather, our lovely pets). Because after all, it's christmas for them too right?!

You may have noticed my lovely little Sammy poking her head into something in the first picture above, and that something is hers and my other little cheeky felines new toy! They have received a brand new scratching post for Christmas! Yeah, I'm a tad early with their pressie, but trust me, they really do need it early!

We actually have 2 other scratching posts dotted around our home for them to scratch, but somehow the brand new carpet on the stairs is oh so much more appealing?! So I'm sort of hoping this beast of a scratching post will influence them to use that instead (here's to hoping anyway!). 

I picked this one especially because of the little hole that they can wiggle themselves into. I wanted to give them a snug little place to hide away from Ethan inside of. And no, it won't be staying on the middle of the living room! I will be finding a safe little spot for it that is far out of reach of tiny toddler hands, to give the cats some probably much needed peace! 

I found their scratcher using the Pet Present Finder app from More Than Pet Insurance. I'd never seen a pet present finder app before and to be honest, it's blimmin' brilliant! You just select who it's for, i.e. cat / dog. Then the category of the present you'd like, i.e. toys, treats, gear, fun. And then select the budget, i.e. <£20 or >£20. It's really that simple! It will select a present your pet will love and if it's isn't quite right, click the arrow button to the side of it be shown the next thing. Once you've found your ideal pet-pressie just select buy now! It's amazing, really easy to use and much quicker than browsing a ton of individual websites! 

Though the cats have had all had their main pressie a week early, they've got a little stocking to 'open' Christmas morning too which I plan to fill with lots of yummy teats for them (yeah I spoil them!) ;)

(Cat stocking is from M&S and was about £10).

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  1. I always get my boys presents too, this year they have some new toys x

    1. Ahh bless them. I think it's a must, pets are part of the family after all xx

  2. Our cats always have a present from Santa Paws! Love the scratching posts, our cats destroy the furniture so one of these would be a great investment! x

    1. Aww santa paws :') They are so worth having if your cats are scratching up the furniture! x

  3. I have yet to wrap my cats present , they need a new bed as well !