I am the Mum who..

I read this post over on the lovely Joannas blog from My Little Rays of Sunshine and thought it was so lovely. She also challenged me to tell you about what sort of Mum I am and so here is my post..

I am the Mum who frets over what Ethan eats and gets anxiety about making sure he gets his vitamins. I take this so seriously because I am raising him as a vegetarian.

I am the Mum who doesn't believe that it's okay to ever hit your kids. Responding in violence is not the answer.

I am the Mum who counts her blessings everyday.

I am the Mum who will happily fall in the category as snobby, to ensure that her child gets a good education and attends a good school when the time comes.

I am the Mum who likes a clean house but doesn't mind the mess so much.

I am the Mum who would be horrified if her child/children grew up and forgot to use their manners.

I am the Mum who will protect her Son at all costs.

I am the Mum who will try and not be too over attached as Ethan gets older. I never want to push him away and I hope he'll always want me in his life and feel that he can come to me.

I am the Mum who will go out of her way and out of her comfort zone to ensure that her Son learns that he doesn't need to be the unconfident kid who is scared to play with others at playgroup or jump into a swimming pool.

I am the Mum who will teach her Son all about the animal kingdom and how to love and respect them.

I am and will always be the Mum who shows her Son that there is no limit to what he can do.

I am the Mum who believes that Mums and Dads know best when they trust their instinct. 

I am the Mum who doesn't iron.

I am the Mum who believes that life isn't all about being a Mum. And that me time is needed as much as couple time is needed and family time is needed. 

I am the Mum who doesn't like other Mums or people that try and push things down your throat. i.e breastfeeding, co-sleeping, how bad controlled crying is on the childs emotional state (this is a total lie!).

I am the Mum who didn't breastfeed and thinks that that's okay. As I am the Mum who has a very healthy happy little toddler with a fantastic weight and height.

I am the Mum who is nervous to approach other Mums at playgroup. Though I have managed to find a group of people who approached me and have made me feel very comfortable.

I am the Mum who spent years of her younger days telling people that she never wanted to be a Mum.. 

..But I am the Mum who was so wrong, because being a Mum is what I was born to do. It has made me feel the most content and happy that I have ever been. Thank God I changed my mind.

What type of Mum are you?

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  1. What a lovely post! Beautiful xx

  2. This is such a lovely post x

  3. Aw love this post! I might do one next week :) Xx

    1. Thanks Kerry, you should, I loved writing it :) x

  4. This is such a lovely post Alex, you sound like a great mum and the most perfect mother Ethan could ask for. It's great that you're raising him to be vegetarian too.

    1. Aw thank you for such a lovely comment :) I try my very hardest to be. x