Ethans Bedroom | An Update

I love hanging out in Ethans room, it's full of so many wonderful and sentimental things and having my own little boy with his own little room just makes me feel so proud. We've updated his room a little since I last showed you it HERE and so I though it might be nice to do a little mini update. I say mini because I am actually only showing you one wall of his room. The wall is tucked away behind the door of his bedroom, but when you are in it it's very much on show so it really did need something doing to it as we've now moved the chair that used to be there, to give us more room to get in to the bedroom door and the wardrobe. 

ikea kids bookshelf
The first thing we did was hang a new bookshelf in there for him. Ethans has just recently got into books and so his little collection has turned into a big collection and we therefore needed more shelf space for this growing collection. We picked up a small white shelf from IKEA which is just perfect for holding books and it's also perfect for where it's positioned as it's one that doesn't come out much at all and so there's no banging our heads!

personalised toy chest,

We'd always wanted a toy chest for Ethan, but we just hadn't found the right one, until we discovered My Little Sparkle Boutique. I fell in love with the designs of their toy chests which also act as a little toddler-sized bench too when closed. And the personalisation is of course a winning factor! It holds tons of Ethans toys and it looks perfect in his neutral themed room. I really am so pleased with it. 

We also updated the frame that holds the drawing of the dragon that Adam drew in his GCSE Art at school (and now lives in Ethans room, for sentimental purposes). We changed the black frame which was beginning to look a little yellow inside, to this white one (again from IKEA). Now we have a sort of white unity all the way down the wall, which I personally think looks so much better. 

Below is the finished look.. 

neutral nursery, bright toddler room  

And here's a before and after photo showing the changes we've made. (Excuse the quality, the photographs were taken on my phone).

I'm very happy with the changes we made, I feel it has made a massive difference to his room and it really didn't cost us much at all!
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  1. Wow what a difference! I love the book shelf idea, I must get one for Indianas room at some point! Such a sweet idea to have the art work in there too xx

  2. I love it! How much was the toy box?

  3. We are doing up the boys' room next weekend and I can't wait! I love the little toy unit

  4. I love the new update. So cute. Bet he loves it too. Looks cute. I love how light and airy it all is too. I wish I did my house more white and neutrals.