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18 Months Old - Our Routine

At 18 months old, Ethan is an active toddler who constantly likes to be kept entertained and is quite literally always on the go!

Our routine has pretty much stayed the same now for a good few months but I wanted to share what a typical day looks like for us..

Ethan wakes up around this time, it may be slightly later though and sometimes he may lay in for another hour. But it's usually around 7.00 or 7.30am!

Is usually when we get breakfast. Ethan eats 2 weetabix and a banana and has a drink too. 

After breakfast and after I've had a little tidy up of the kitchen and downstairs in general. We head upstairs where Ethan has a bath and then I have a shower. We also get our teeth done, (this can be stressful if Ethan isn't in the mood, any tips greatly appreciated!), get dressed and ready for the day in general. 

Around 11am we're all done and we'll usually play with some toys, read a book, or do some sort of activity downstairs together until it gets closer to lunchtime. 

Ethan has started having lunch just before 12.00 though it used to be at 2pm when he woke up from his nap which I've changed because sometimes he would nap until 3pm/4pm and it was then far too late for lunch! I will also give him some banana milk at this time too. 

Ethan naps - this lasts usually until 2pm, but can sometimes be a lot longer! 

Ethan usually wakes up at 2pm and we'll head downstairs for a snack and either activities or we go out.

Is our usual dinner time. We all try and eat as a family. 

Is wind down time, we usually change Ethan into his PJ's and get his teeth done after he's had some more milk. 

Is bed time! Daddy reads a story with Ethan before bed and then Ethan goes down for the night in his own room in his cot until the morning.

(Obviously, our routine changes from day to day but this is pretty much how our more relaxed days at home go.)

*Weekly routine*

Ethan has a Day with Daddy whilst I work


Family day out

 Swimming and then Ethan stays at his Grandmas (Adams Mum) overnight

Ethan has the day with his Grandma whilst I work

 Free day

Free day


What does your toddlers daily/weekly routine look like? xo

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  1. Ours was pretty relaxed but now it involves up at half 7 and then dressed, fed and out the house by 8:45 because of the nursery run for the biggest one. We always have more active mornings that afternoons though, so usually out by 10 at the latest anyway for play groups and playdates.

  2. We have battles with brushing teeth too. I've been told a couple of times to give Eliot a brush to 'clean his teeth' and whilst he's 'brushing' (sucking the toothpaste off) to get in and brush with another toothbrush. X

  3. I love reading about other people's routines, we are lucky in that our girls get up around 7.30 or later too and still nap for a couple of hours! xx


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