Ethan at 18 Months Old

You are now 18 months old and have been for a few weeks, I'm late with this post as life has been as busy as usual. At 18 months old you are a cheeky little boy, who loves nothing more than to run about outside, bundle on top of your Dad and I, be chased, chase the cats, climb all over the furniture and explore! You are still as active as ever - in fact probably more so than ever!

You're not a sit and play type of toddler, you rarely sit still long enough to have a book read to you (though you somehow have more books then I can count?!), you're always on the go. And you're always so eager to get your shoes in and have a run about in the great outdoors!

Communication wise, you are showing such a great deal of understanding when it comes to us talking to you and asking you to do things. You are much cleverer than you like to make out. Last week you wanted your Dad and I to get out of bed so you went and found our slippers and brought them to us! You even gave the correct slippers to the correct person! We were very impressed and this just goes to show how much you really are absorbing. Speech wise - you're still not talking much but I have a feeling that you will be a late talker and when you do speak you'll probably talk in sentences!

As I spoke about before - you're favourite thing is going outside. You also love cars, Peppa Pig, Thomas the tank engine, Ben and Hollys Little Kingdom, the cats (and animals in general), very active play and eating (pasta and bananas are your favourite!).

You can be very clingy to me and though I love this as I am a very clingy person myself. I try and encourage you to not be like it as I want you to be a confident and content person when you start going to nursery and then eventually school in a few years. I take you to playgroup and to swimming lessons and you stay with your Grandma every Thursday evening and Friday during the day whilst I work. I think it's important that you learn to be around other people and have that social interaction. Daddy and I would really like for you to have a brother or sister and so are trying to make that happen! :) You also seem to prefer being in the company of men rather than women for some reason.

You LOVE your food and eat very well! You're quite tall and very healthy looking. You could eat all day if I let you. Your favourite dinner is pasta For breakfast you eat 2 Weetabix and a banana. Then you have a snack between breakfast and lunch and then you will have lunch and then a snack when you wake up, then dinner and some banana milk before bed.

You are perfect with your sleeping, we haven't really ever had much trouble from you, apart from the phase you went through with crying when we put you down for naps/bedtime, but that didn't last very long. You go to bed around 7:30pm and wake up occasionally at night but just because you've lost your dummy. You wake up around 7.00am the next day and will nap between 12-2pm but sometimes until 3pm and then sometimes on a very good nap day until 4pm!!

Ethan, You are such a wonderful little person and I absolutely love being your Mum, I feel so very lucky to have you as a Son. You bring so much joy to our lives. I never thought it was possible to love someone as much as I love your Dad but you have proved me so wrong. I love you unconditionally more and more each day and have never ever been happier. Thank you for lighting up each day of our lives with your beautiful smile and all of the many wonderful things that you do.

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  1. Awww so cute.
    He sounds like he's doing great. Tyne is the same with preferring mens company! xx

  2. A gorgeous letter to Ethan Alex, he sounds wonderful. xx