Ethans Friend. Ethans Protector.

It will never cease to amaze me that my cat thinks he's a dog.

Charlie the cat is a unique little thing to say the least. He's a free spirit. Does what he wants, goes where wants. He always has, he always will. 

And it's the unique special relationship that Ethan and he seemed to have formed that really touches me. I always wanted to have a child who would be surrounded by animals and who would grow to love them as much as I do. And I really feel that Charlie is keen to help me achieve just that.

It's the way that whenever we go to the park, Charlie runs behind Ethan keeping up with him. It's the way that Charlie waits behind for Ethan if he slows down, or kneels down to push his Thomas the tank engine toy on the pavement. It's the way that Charlie sits on top of the hill at the park just above the children's tunnel, watching Ethan play. It's the way that as soon as we leave the park Charlie bounces up to follow us back home. 

It's just the way that Charlie keeps guard. As if he's Ethans protector. His friend. 

It's the way that I know Charlie will do this for years to come, even when Ethans a teenager who no longer needs his Mum or his Dad to hold his hand on the way to the park. 

And it's the way that when Ethan has his own set of mates, Charlie will most probably be a special part of that gang. 

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  1. I love how he comes to the park, what a fantastic cat! Haha x

  2. Aww, that's so sweet. In our house, each cat and child seem to have paired off. And we find it so funny how it was like from day one with each kid, a particular cat kind of "chose them". Darcy has always been so interested in the little man, right from when he was first born, but Wentworth gave him a massively wide berth. But when the little lady was born, Wentworth would sniff around her and sleep right next to or under her bouncy chair, whereas Darcy has always stayed away. I think it's nice that the children have their own little fluffy buddy. x

  3. Eeeeek this just makes me so excited to get our kitties! I think its so important for children to grow up with pets. x