Dear Ethan: 17 Months Old

Dear my beautiful little baby boy -  Ethan, 

You are now 17 months old!  (This last month has gone by super quick (don't they all?) and I have just re-read your 16 month update, which really, is pretty much still accurate of how you are now.)

The tantrums have begun..
This month you've definitely discovered 'the tantrum'. Oh yes - we've hit that stage. I know it's only in the beginning stages and definitely not as bad as they will probably go on to be. But you do have a little temper on you. It's more of an impatient temper, perhaps more of a frustration than a temper actually. And at your age you get so frustrated easily because I can't explain things to you just yet. 

You understand more than you let on..
I'm not sure how much you understand of what we say to you. You definitely understand some things, as when I ask you to go get your shoes, you'll run into the kitchen, get them out of the drawer then run back to me with them. You also ran into the kitchen the other day when I told you that Daddy was making you lunch. So I think you understand a lot more than you let on!

Meals out with an active baby = a big fat no no!
It's getting harder to go out to places now, but that doesn't matter, it's part of having a baby/child and we would rather have you over anything. If we go out for a meal, you get so impatient and don't want to sit around in your highchair waiting for food or for us to eat. You're an active baby - you always have been, you'd much rather be outside exploring and running about. 

Where you go, Thomas goes..
Your personality is still shining through more and more daily - you're not the type of baby who wants to sit around playing with toys. You want to be on the move constantly. And you want to do new things all of the time. You take your little Thomas the tank engine toy train around with you everywhere and push it along new terrains that you come across. This is your type of 'playing with toys'.

Yep, you're growing up..
And it's apparent everyday. Sometimes I just sit back, smile and watch you do your thing. My heart bursts with so much love for you every second and sometimes I worry about the future, about the days when you're older and Mummy is no longer your number one person. But that's all part of it isn't it? And it makes me enjoy these moments so much more. And anyway - I know that will always have a special bond no matter how old you are. You will always be my little boy. <3 No matter what.

I love you to the moon and back. 

Love Mummy. xx

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  1. Lovely post Alex, I love reading the little ones updates. Ethan is such a cutie! I get you with the meals out with an active toddler = big no, we can't go anywhere with TL, he's got ants in his pants! It's so lovely to see them grow up and into proper little boys isn't it? :)

  2. Love that picture of you and Ethan with the flowers in the background! So cute! We have been lucky with Darcie with eating out... Giver her a sticker activity book and she is good! I'm not sure the waiters agree when they find the 'odd' sticker here and there lol!!!

    Kay xxx

  3. What what a lovely idea to do this once a month!

  4. Aww how cute, another little Thomas fan!! Our house is starting to look like Sodor ;)

    We've been really lucky too with going for meals, Tyne's a little foodie lol ..he seems to love it!

    Such gorgeous photos! Xxx