All dressed up..

Last Friday Ethan, Adam and I went for a meal out with Adams parents and his sister to celebrate my birthday. It was a lovely meal - we went back to Chimichanga, I'd previously reviewed there and was so impressed I wanted to go back again. I'm glad I did as the food was just as lovely and the cocktails were even more so!

Obviously an evening meal celebrating your birthday is the perfect excuse to put on a party dress and some extra make-up, which is exactly what I did. It's nice to make an effort as there are plenty of days now that I'm a Mum, that my make-up only goes as far as a splash of foundation and a bit of bronzer. 

And it was lovely to get Ethan dressed up in a little shirt and add just a dash of gel to his hair to make him feel just as smart. I sometimes miss those tiny newborn clothes - the neutral colours and the gorgeous all-in-ones. But it is fun to be able to shop for a growing little person and then dress them up each day. It's even more fun when I try and match up his clothes to his Dads ;)

Here's a snap that Adam took before we left for the restaurant last Friday. The tiny long sleeved shirt and beaming smile belonging to my special little boy is just too cute not to share!

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  1. Ahhh! You looked fabulous and Ethan is such a cutie x

  2. You both look great!
    Love what your wearing.

    For the past few months now all I ever wear is mascara! Even ditched the eyeliner!! I only ever wear all my make up (foundcation etc) is when I go out!
    Face feels much fresher now but somehow I am getting more spots haha! xx


  3. Lovely photo, Ethan is looking so grown up! Love his little outfit xx

  4. Lovely photo :)
    I almost forget what make up is! X