I'm on a boat!

I recently read this article by LOOK about the top 5 sailing locations in the world (see here), which firstly blew my mind - who knew such stunning places in the world existed? And secondly, it threw me right think back to a time when I was in the Lake District (which is also a stunning place to visit), more specifically the time I spent on a boat on sailing across one of the many beautiful lakes. Because there's nothing more therapeutic than relaxing on a boat, with the sun beaming down on you and the glistening, calm water all around you. 

I remember the time we first took Ethan on a boat in the Lake District - We hired out what I think was a pedalo? But I'm not all that clued up on different types of boats so please do forgive me if I'm wrong!

But anyway, it was so lovely. We were there with Ethans Grandparents (Adams Mum and Dad). Ethan was around six months and even the smallest life jacket was absolutely huge on him!

...I think he must have thought we were all mad putting him in it! But he looked totally and utterly adorable in it. ;)

Adam took control of the boat and off we went into the middle of the lake.. it was stunning!

There really was such beautiful scenery and stunning views all around us. 

We were also so lucky with the weather, as it was a beautiful sunny day.

Adams Mum captured this photo, which is one of my favourites from that particular holiday. I love Ethans squished face, the massive life jacket, the beyond beautiful background and the reminder of the wind that wasblowing through my hair as we sailed across the stunning, peaceful lake. 

Just looking back through these photos makes me want to go back tomorrow. I think I will visit the Lake District again and again and again. Until maybe one day I might just decide to live there? 

Where's the most beautiful place you've ever sailed or hired a boat at?

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  1. The view looks amazing! I was in St. Thomas once and we had to take a boat from the cruise I was on at the time to the main island, and though it wasn't the same thing as renting a boat, it was absolutely stunning. I'll have to do more boating. Nice post :)


    1. The views in the lake district are amazing! And thank you :) x

  2. Looks so beautiful- it's been 9 years since I've been to The Lake District and I really must go back now with my little family! Best place I went sailing was around Cuba pre-children, it was stunning and the water so clear. Don't think that will be happening for a while with my two in tow!

    1. Oh my, that sounds amazing - I'd love to go! x