Ethan : 16 Months Old

Dear Ethan,

How are you 16 months?! I remember you in my tummy as clear as day! And then when you were born, you were so fragile and new and well just everything. And now you're a toddler, you walk, you run, you get into everything, and well, you're still just everything!

This month has seen such a change in you.. this is actually probably the most I've ever seen you change in just the space of a month!


  • You love being able to walk, you have really found your feet and you no longer crawl. You even run now! (Mostly very fast, away from Mummy in the middle of the shop! - yeah thanks for that!)
  • If you fall over - you're straight back up! No time for crying, places to be and all that..! ;)

  • So you've finally decided that you are going to start clapping your hands and generally doing a lot more to try and communicate now. You wave goodbye the moment we ask, where as before you pretty much ignored us and did it on your terms. (You're very much like that!).
  • You watered the plants with your little watering can all by yourself, without me saying anything to you. Which was so incredibly sweet! 

  • You're getting better and better with your swimming. - we took you swimming today and for the first time you used your arms yourself. You've always been strong with your swimming, you kick your legs brilliantly but now you've mastered the arm movements, you'll be amazing! We can even let you go in the water and you'll swim a bit by yourself! 

  • You are just about mastering building blocks, you've started stacking them together and then when you're done with them all, you'll put them all away by yourself without me even asking! (You're very tidy - just like Mummy! ;))
  • Your still not talking very much, but you know so many words. I think, like most things, you're just waiting until you're ready. Words I know you recognise and know what they mean are: Mum, Dad, Cat, Charlie (our black and white cat), Bubble (which you know means bath), Kiss, Ta (thank you), Shoes, Peppa Pig, No, and probably some others I've forgotten. The ones you can be bothered to say are 'Mum' and 'Dad' and you shake your head to say 'no'.


  • As with every month you're most favourite thing to do is go outside. There's nothing that you love more. You get so excited when we got our shoes on and if we don't leave the same very second that our shoes go on, you throw a bit of a tantrum.. -.- It's great that you're now walking, because you now play outside in the garden quite a bit.
  • You love watching Nick JR, you take after your Dad with the TV and go completely ignorant when your favourite TV shows are on! Your favourite shows are of course, Peppa Pig and you also love Ben and Hollys Little Kingdom. You even love the meerkat advert which features Baby Oleg for car insurance. And the confused.com robot advert!
  • You still LOVE banana, you eat it like it's the first bit of food you've had in a year. Before you've even finished putting the first bit in the second bit is in too. It's so funny to watch!
  • You love spending time with other people a lot more this month. You're turning into quite the social butterfly. You love your Thursday nights and Fridays with your Grandma, Grandpop and Auntie Ellie. Their house has become quite the second home to you. 
  • You're not keen on having your teeth done - you get excited by the taste of the toothpaste but once you've eaten that, you start getting very frustrated. 
  • You don't like missing your nap or being hungry in the slightest bit (oh you so remind me of myself) you get very grouchy. You also get grouchy if you can't do something the first time (yep, you've definitely taken after me!).

  • Since we figured out how to get you to sleep alone, sleep has been amazing. Bed time is around 7:30 and you wake up at 7am the next morning. I am so glad that we managed to sort your sleep out and get our bed back! 
  • You eat well. You go through phases of refusing certain foods, but then we try you again and you'll eat it. You are just learning to use your fork and spoon, but we are still mostly feeding you. For a veggie baby, you have such a healthy weight and eat very well :)
  • You're generally such a happy, giggly baby. Who seems to have so much fun. You make us so happy and I think that we make you really happy too. 

Ethan, I love you with all my heart and am so grateful to you for all the happiness you bring to my life every single day. 

Love from Mummy xx


  1. That is such a heartwarming post, Alex. 16 months is such a time of rapid change - it's hard to keep up with all the new things they can do. I love the family photo at the end of the post - you all look so happy.

  2. Awwww i can't believe Ethan is 16 months already, i remember first talking to you when you were in the final stages of pregnancy. Where has the time gone? He is doing so remarkably well though and totally rocking that new haircut, makes him look so grown up! xxx

    Vikki @ Love From Mummy

  3. Awww Ethan is such a cutie!! Love these update posts: especially as my son Bert is 4 months younger than Ethan (he's about to turn 1 on Friday!! Eeek where has that year gone?) It's great to read about all the wonderful stages I've got coming my way, so much to look forward to! X

  4. Awww bless him! He sounds like he's doing so well, adorable photos!! x