Those first steps

babies first steps, walking 15 months, walking 14 months

Ethan started taking his first proper steps at 14 months. It was the morning of our holiday to Dorset. He then carried on taking more and more steps, he walked hand in hand with his Dad and I on the beach and throughout our adventures in Dorset. 

And then since we've been back home, his steps have turned into fall blown walking. He occasionally falls down, but he will just get himself right back up and carry on. 
What's amazing to me is that this is my baby, my once tiny, fragile newborn baby, who now casually totters about on his feet!

babies first steps, walking 15 months, walking 14 months

He's growing more and more steady everyday and he's getting faster. Adam and I watched him tonight circling round and round on the rug for literally about twenty minutes, clearly just practicing; growing his confidence and learning all about his brand new skill. 

babies first steps, walking 15 months, walking 14 months, baby walking, baby first steps

The pride I feel watching him is hard to put into words. I've been having so many of those moments that kind of take your breath away as a parent, those moments when you so proud of your child that your heart feels that it might just burst. 

I just hope he knows how much I love him and how much joy he brings to my life every single day.


  1. He is such a handsome little man Alex. He is a real credit to Adam & yourself. I adore that first photo! That smile....he is super chuffed to having that extra independence of being on his little feet! Also, LOVING that Batman Chibi tee! haha x

  2. Yay well done Ethan! LL started walking about 2 weeks ago and now there is now stopping her! I am loving seeing her explore the world differently. x

  3. This is such a magical time. My daughter is now 18 months and I've lost count of the new tricks she's learning every day. Prepare for lots more heart bursting moments in the weeks to come :)

  4. He is such a gorgeous little boy! He's definitely going to grow up to be a real charmer! Thank you for sharing such a special event with us :)
    Eilidh xx


  5. Woweee!! Look how grown up he is already, I can't believe it! He's also so gorgeous, you must be so proud.

    Lyndsay | Fizzy Peaches

  6. Awww such lovely photos!! Bless him he looks so proud of himself!