And now I have a 15 Month old!

My sweet baby, you’re now 15 Months. 15 months old!

Ethan, you’ve grown into such a handsome, intelligent, independent little toddler! And I’m so very proud of you, here's a little bit of an update on the past month of your life.

You are such an independent little man this month! You know what you want and you're learning how to get it! You’re always really determined, almost stubborn sometimes! It's all just part of the fun of us (and you) discovering your personality.

You’re a very sociable little guy! When we take you to places where there are other children you love getting involved with them. It makes you so happy! And you do the most sweetest laugh I’ve ever heard when they start playing with you. You love to be involved and included with everyone and everything. :)

You are doing BRILLIANTLY at swimming, there isn’t a word to describe how proud I am of you. You go under water, you kick your legs just the way you should, you laugh, you jump in. You’re brilliant at it. You even let the instructors hold you whilst they swim you under the water and then you float back out into my arms. I am amazed at what you can do!! We’ve just signed up to another 10 weeks because it’s been so good for you developmental wise. You now even know all the songs we sing in the pool and you’re getting to know all of the other babies there too. #PROUDMAMA

We’ve also just started going to a toddler group in the next village to us on a Tuesday morning. I’m so pleased that I found it - Within a minute of being there you were flying around the floor in a baby walker racing around after the other children. You had SO much fun interacting with everyone and discovering new toys!

You’re walking!! ! 14 months! The age when you first started walking. A whole new way of the looking at the world has opened itself up to you! And you think it is great! You know how proud we are of you, every time you take a step, your face beams and you look to us as if to say ‘Look at what I’m doing!’ and we beam and cheer right back at you. We are so proud! You do a mixture of crawling and walking currently, but do more and more walking every single day!

No solid words as of yet, but you have learnt ‘ta’ and even though you don’t say it, you pass whatever your holding to whoever has said it. Which is very sweet :)

Oh and you’re dancing has returned!!! Months ago you would bop along to tunes , but then stopped doing for literally ages for some reason?! But, you’re back at it and now that you’re standing you even jig your bum about -  it’s hilarious!!

I love you so much my little pumpkin! And am so proud of you every single second!

love Mummy xxx


  1. Happy 15 months Ethan! Such a handsome little boy :D
    Amy @ www.thesmallestofthings.com

  2. Lucinda Turner17 July 2014 at 21:05

    Aww this is lovely, gorgeous photos! I want to take Eliot swimming, we've only been once. We have the same books as you! I love I can share x

  3. Awww adorable!!! He sounds just like Tyne with his willfulness and stubborn independence! Lol. Are they the same star sign? I can't remember! Tyne is Aries and it's meant to a trait of theirs to be fiercely independent!