Super-stylish little Ethan G!

Hi guys! :) Hope you're all nice and well?

Mr E has always had a lot of hair - he was born with a full head of hair! I even remember a particular ultra sound scan when I was pregnant where I'd asked out of curiosity what the spiky bits on the screen were, only to be told that it was his hair!.. I understand now why I had so much heartburn during pregnancy!! But the heartburn was of course worth it - I've always loved how much hair he's had. I kind of feel that he's been quite lucky as it can take some baby's forever to start growing their hair!

But we've had a bit of a change..  ;)

If you follow me on over on Instagram you would have already seen a certain little man rocking an adorable new do'! After what was known as a complete an utter epic fail haircut from his Mama back a couple of months ago now, we decided that the time had come to take him for his first ever professional salon cut! So on Saturday we did just that! Ethan didn't particularly enjoy having it done to say the least, but his hair is finally completely out of eyes and it now has its own little style! He has lost all of his curls from the back but it was a good compromise as we think he looks so grown up and adorable!

We then took him to one of my fave places to shop for baby boy clothes - H&M. Where we brought him some new stylish clothes to wear with his new stylish hair :) And then we went for a treat meal to Wagamamas as Ethan always loves the food in there!

Having a child to spoil is just the best, right?! ;)

How grown up does he look?!!


  1. Aw he looks gorgeous! Love the little bow tie! x

  2. How cute is his outfit?!!? He is definitely looking grown up! x

  3. What a little cutie! Love his new haircut xx

  4. Awwww so cute!!! I love H & M clothes, I wish we had one near us!!!