Introducing.. the utterly bonkers.. Nana E!

My Mum. Or Nana E as she is known to Ethan. How best to describe her?

Clever, loyal, honest, protective, the list could go on and on. But really there is just one word that never fails to come to mind when I think of my Mum.,

.. Crazy. And not your average sort of crazy.

Oh no.

She is completely and utterly bonkers!

And this is something that she's become known for. She's the person that whilst everyone else ponders whether or not to do something, has come back from doing it and is even wearing the t-shirt to prove it.

Nothing phases my Mum and that's what's so admirable about her.

She'll talk and make friends with anyone and everyone, no matter who they are.

She'll quite happily take her bra off at my hen do in front of all of my friends and wear it proudly on her head.

She'll boldly start singing (very loudly) in the middle of the town centre just because a random song has entered her head.

She'll even take my Son to the park and somehow manage to fall bum first off of a zip line..

She's a living legend my Mum. A larger than life character.

And though, like the rest of us, she suffers from her fair share of anxieties and at times a lack of self-confidence, she really does make me and a lot of other people laugh. She inspires me to care less about what other people think and this has helped me greatly to become the person I am today.

So, here's to my utterly bonkers, completely crazy Mama (who may or may not fall off of a childrens zip line during the below video) ;)..


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