Ethan's 14 Month Update

Dear Ethan, 

14 months now! Wow! It sure does fly by! Here's a little look at how you've been getting on this month..

Health: Apart from being a little poorly a week or so ago, you've been okay. You had a stuffy nose and were finding it hard to breathe. As such, you were waking up at night and coming into bed with us. (but that's not unusual!) You've also had some more teeth come through. You have your top 2, bottom 2 and I think 2 either side of the top ones aswell :)

Routine: You wake up around 7am, but sometimes later. Breakfast is around 9am, then we have a shower and get dressed. You will usually then play with your toys whilst I clean up. If we're going out we try and do so between 10am-12, as you nap around 12 until about 2pm. Then it's lunch and dinner is at 5. Bedtime is usually around 7pm - 8pm. You now stay with your Grandma and Grandpop on a Thursday night and Mummy picks you up on Friday about 5:30pm. 

Sleep: For your day time nap you usually fall asleep after some milk on the beanbag in front of the TV in the living room and you'll do this by yourself. But at bedtime you like either your Dad or I to hold you until you go to sleep - sometimes this can take a whole hour! You don't seem to like being left on your own in your own room and so you'll often wake up to come into bed with us. 

Social: We go to a baby swimming club every Thursday morning where you see lots of other babies your age, you like to smile a lot at them and you think swimming is great! But I still need to look into a baby group local to us for you to go to. We took you to soft play for the first time this month and I was worried you would feel nervous around the other babies/children but you loved it! You thought the other children we're great - especially the older kids! You were crawling around after them trying to keep up with them whilst they ran about. This was a proud moment for your Dad and I. :)

Diet: You are trying more things this month. Your new thing is cheerios! You eat them dry and for breakfast with milk. You like egg still and of course your all time fave -  pasta! You are a good eater and I would like to start trying some more things with you as sometimes I feel that your meals are a bit 'samey'. 

Clothes: You wear 18-24 months old clothes, though sometimes the trousers will fall off of you. (We need to fatten you up!)

Likes: The great outdoors - there's nothing more that you love than being outside! Other things you like include: Swimming, Peppa Pig, your trike, the park, swings, juice, bananas, your pram, your dummy, mummys hair, being tickled, the cats, bundling on Mummy!

Dislikes: Spaghetti hoops, being stuck indoors, water on your face, going to bed by yourself, just having water as a drink! 

Milestones: You're doing so well with your standing lately - last night you were practising standing up from a crouching position! You walk brilliantly when we hold your hands - even with us just holding on to one of your hands you walk really steadily. You just need to find the confidence to go ahead and go solo! I'm sure it wont be long. I think you are understanding a few more words now - we're working hard on Mama, Dada, cat and ta - but as of yet you haven't repeated them back to us. We're still working on getting you to pass objects and say ta and we are practising saying bye bye every time, because sometimes you won't wave. We have your 14 month developmental check coming up so it will be interesting to hear some feedback from the health visitor regarding where you should be at. Although if I'm honest I just think that your one of those babies who likes to do things in their own time. 

Ethan, I love you so much and I'm so proud of you every single day. You're such a beautiful, wonderful little boy. <3 xx

Love from, Mummy xx

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  1. Great post Alex, my daughter Amelia is about 3 weeks older than Ethan (March 23rd), I try and introduce a new food/meal every week if I can,some weeks I'm too lazy! I batch cook and always have at least 3 different meals (each Neal roughly about 8 pots) in the freezer. She refuses to eat any premade foods from packets,so I don't have a choice! I have loads of recipes on my blog that Ethan may like!Last night I made Salmon Fish Cakes, Triona xxxx