Ethans 12 + 13 Month Update


Gosh, life has been super busy lately – I’ve just returned to work from maternity leave and obviously we moved into our new house and have spent a lot of time and money doing it up. We also had your very first Birthday - You’re now a one year old and you now seem so very much grown up!
You now crawl like an absolute expert.. you’re so quick and so confident with getting about! It’s become funny to think back to when you first started crawling and the way you would drag yourself along like you were doing some sort of army crawl. But these days you’re very nearly walking! You get up on your feet quite a bit now and you practice standing by yourself by not holding on to anything. When I put you down onto the floor you will push your legs out and stand rather than sit down and it’s little things like this that tell me you’re very nearly ready to start walking. It’s all totally new to you and therefore you are slightly nervous about  I’m sure it’ll be any day now. #excitedproudmama

Things you currently love:

-  Peppa Pig! In fact, pretty much anything on the TV, specifically Nick JR, but mostly Peppa Pig.
-  Being outside! Going outside is probably your most favourite thing to do, you get so excited – a huge smile comes across your face when you realise we’re going out and you start excitedly kicking your legs.
- Your trike! I’m so glad we brought you the trike for your birthday, you think it’s fabulous!
-  Pasta! Just like your Dad and I, you adore eating pasta for dinner!
-  Bath time, showers and may I even throw swimming in there?! You’ve always loved bath time and just recently we’ve started taking showers together and also started swimming lessons. During your first swimming lesson you continuously cried, you were overtired and it was all brand new to you. But I took you back two days later and though you were initially nervous, we had you smiling after a little while and you became more confident and sociable. It was so lovely to see you smiling at the other babies and being part of something like that, I can’t wait for the next session, I really feel this is going to be beneficial for you. We are also going to be looking into baby play groups in the area so you can make some local baby friends.
-  Toys - This month we’ve really noticed a difference with the way you play. You are much more interested in your toys and will sit and play with them a lot longer than you did before.
-  The cats! - You think they’re hilarious and love chasing them by crawling around after them whilst they scatter about trying to get away, this makes you giggle so much.  You’re also stroking them a lot more softly than you used to and not just attempting to yank out their hair.
- Oh and your dummy!

You continue to amaze me with all of the things you do and learn and the little boy that you are fast-becoming. I love you with all of my heart and I always will.
Love from Mummy. x


  1. What a lovely post! He's such a gorgeous boy.
    Peppa Pig used to be one of Emma's favourite too xx

  2. I love these type of posts. It's so nice to see what different babies like at the same stages. Paige loves going outside and she loves pasta. I think her and Ethan would get on well despite the age difference hehe x

  3. Aww it's amazing how quickly they change and learn new things! My lil man crawled properly for the first time tonight. X

  4. Awwww he is such a little cutie!!! :) He sounds like he's gonna be away any day now!!

    Tyne hasnt walked yet, he's lazy like his Mum lol! He took one solo step yesterday then sat down and crawled....clearly easier so why bother?! lol.

    He loves his pasta too!!! :) xxx