Happy 1st Birthday My Darling Ethan

This is scheduled. Right now, I am hopefully enjoying watching my one year old Son rip open his birthday presents after gushing at the Peppa Pig wrapping paper that I just know he'll love. He would have by now seen all of the decorations that we've stayed up all night excitedly putting up. He would have spotted and perhaps already gone for a ride in his brand new trike which I just cannot wait for him to see! 
My little boy.. one years old. Already.
I know he's going to have the most brilliant day, for babies of his age it's the small things and even though we've gone big, there's lots of little touches he's going to just love. 
It'll be his first time at a zoo, I can't wait to show him the animals. I can't wait to have a family day out actually, all the chaos of moving has been particularly stressful for us and Ethans birthday is a welcome break from it all. 
On Friday we'll have a family party, and again, Ethan will love this, I just know it. 
It's so exciting, your babies first ever birthday, as I'm sure all other parents know. I don't know if I'll sleep tonight, there are too many butterflies in my stomach. 
On a separate note, it's a year since I went into labour and gave birth. A year since I conquered that fear. A year since I've been a Mum and Adams been a Dad. It's been a bloody fantastic year. 
To my darling angel, I wish you the bestest, more greatest birthday. May you have many, many, many more to come. I love you with all of my heart. x
Decorating the night before the big day!
The Peppa Pig wrapping paper is a must!
Daddy building your trike ready for the morning (today)!

 Lots and lots more photos and blog posts coming soon!


  1. Oh happy birthday Ethan. I hope he has an amazing day.
    And congratulations to you too. One whole year of being a mummy is definitely something to celebrate. x

  2. Aw happy first birthday Ethan!! Such lovely decorations. Hope you all have a lovely day celebrating xx

  3. Hope you all have an amazing day xx

  4. Happy Birthday little man! Xxxxxxxx

  5. Happy 1st Birthday Ethan!http://www.joannavictoria.co.uk/

  6. Hope ye have a wonderful day. It's such a special Birthday, and you should be proud of yourself....one whole year a mummy. I spent Amelia's 1st Birthday (3 weeks ago), with a lump in my throat all day, it was very emotional!xx

  7. Happy birthday little man, hope you've had/having a wonderful day! x