Feeling Great

I don't know why I've titled this 'Feeling great' because actually I feel better than just 'great'. I feel on top of the world. Cheesy, I know, but it's true..

I really don't like to say these things out loud, perhaps because of some deep rooted superstition I have, but a lot is going right for me right now and that feels pretty amazing. 

And this post isn't to brag about how wonderful my life is and it certainly does not mean to say that everything in my life is just fine and perfect - because it certainly isn't. It's just a post for me to look back on when I'm having a tough day and feeling down in the dumps for whatever reason that may be. This post should serve as a reminder that actually Alex, life is good. 

Without going into detail and perhaps boring the socks off of you, I owe a lot to my wonderful Husband and of course just as much to my beautiful Son. I can even perhaps finally admit that I also owe quite a lot to myself and I should recognise this more. 

Life is what you make of it and make of it I believe I do. 


  1. Love the picture of Adam and Ethan, so cute x

  2. You look beautiful! It's always better to look on the bright side of things! :)

  3. Oh this is so lovely. It's so amazing when you get those moments when you feel like you should pinch yourself because you just feel so lucky. x