Being a Mum & Ethan Throughout the Months of his First Year.

I, along with many other 'Mummy' bloggers and probably quite a lot of my readers will be celebrating my first ever Mothers Day as a Mum this Sunday. It is a great time to reflect on what being a Mum means to us and why we love to love being a Mummy. Ethans' first birthday is also fast approaching, so with Mothers Day on Sunday and Ethan turning one in April, I thought now would be a great opportunity to put together a little collage of his life from Bump to Baby!

Putting together a collage like this was such a great way to reflect on all of those wonderful first months and to see how much (or not) Ethan has changed. He appears to have kept the same type of look from birth.. With his little 'triangle nose' (as I call it) and his long fair hair and obviously those big blue eyes! The two bigger pictures are the one of the earliest and one of the latest that I have and it's crazy to see how much he's grown! It makes me feel very proud as a Mum to have raised such a beautiful, happy, healthy little baby boy to nearly a year old! This past year has been absolutely wonderful, yes being a Mum has had it's ups and it's downs, but I wouldn't change it for the world. My life has so much more substance to it, it means just so much more and when I look back at these photographs all bunched up together it really does make me feel like the luckiest happiest girl alive. 

Becoming a Mum is the absolutely best thing I've ever done (along with meet and marry my wonderful Husband).

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