Ethan: 10 Months Old


You're now 10 months old. Double figures in months! When I think back to being pregnant with you and the long wait that that was, it seems crazy that it's been 10 months since you've arrived. But on the other hand, I honestly feel like I've always known you. I can't imagine and don't want to imagine life without you.  

Let's have a little look at how you've got on this month..


You nap around 11am/midday everyday for sometimes half an hour sometime a few hours, whatever you feel like really. Bedtime is still around 7pm and you'll go upstairs with a bottle. You like us settling you on our bed and will pull your own and my hair until you've fallen asleep for comfort. I usually have to pretend I am asleep with you, so that you think I'm staying with you. You don't seem to like being on your own. We put you in your cot every night (usually when we move to bed) and you'll stay in there until you wake in the night and realise we're not with you. At this point you'll cry until I come and get you and bring you in to our bed, where you'll sleep usually until Daddy gets up for work (around 5am), you'll have a bottle and go back to sleep until around 8am. 


I've started to take you to playgroup every week to get you use to being around other people and children. You are starting to become unsure about strangers, particularly other babies, but I do my best to encourage you to join in and play. We took you swimming again this week and you we're much more aware of the other people in the pool and slightly unsure of them. We'll keep taking you to places to encourage you to feel more confident. Ignore my crazy face in the photo above, I was trying to get you to smile for the 500th time and you were insistent on displaying your serious face -haha. :)

Getting about

You're basically crawling now, but not so much in the traditional sense. You get anywhere and everywhere you want to by army crawling. I'll show you the video when you're older. Mummy and Daddy are so proud of you. You will walk along with us if we hold you up, you've got your footwork right, though you do walk on your tiptoes! You need to find your balance and your strength. When it comes to pulling yourself up, you can't or don't do that right now. You love to stand - you think it's very funny, but you wait for us to hold you up and will lose your balance if we let go.

Eating + Drinking

You eat very well. Although have become a little fussy lately, but I think that's because you want to be more in control. You will sometimes use the spoon yourself and are very good at using it. You like to eat with your hands. Your favourite food is banana, you have one everyday and you get very excited when you see it coming! You have about three bottles a day - one in the morning, one around midday before your nap (usually) and one at night before bed. Although this does vary! You eat a lot of what we eat just mashed down, you love having dinner time with us at the table. You drink very well now, you use to worry me with your drinking because you didn't take much juice or water but now you love to drink. :) You haven't yet got any teeth. 


You like to discover new things and can be very independent. You're always so determined to do what you want to do. You're learning what 'no' means because sometimes when I tell you 'no' you'll watch me and then do it again to see for a reaction. You love watching Peppa Pig and going outside. You still love your walker and having a bath. You display signs of frustration sometimes and will growl if you don't get your own way. You blow raspberries all of the time and seem to be very intrigued by anything with wheels. You've been to your first birthday party, it was for our neighbours little girl and though you were a little unsure, you had a good time. You still forever pull my hair for comfort! You are so much more aware of everyone and everything and are becoming your own little person more and more every day!

You're starting to get curls (like Daddy) but only on the back of your head..! On the front you're hair is as straight as Mummy's - We're waiting to seed what way it's going to go! :)

Love you to the moon and back! Always!

Love Mummy. xxxxxx


  1. What gorgeous pictures! It's crazy how fast time goes, 2 months and he will be 1! Eek :). xx

  2. Oh Ethan you're growing up to quickly!! X

  3. SO cute, Vinny was also quite unsure around strangers and more so babies but since we have been going to play centres more he has been so much better
    Liza | Beauty Blog Glambeautys | YouTube | Family & Lifestyle Blog Glambambini

  4. Aww bless him look at those curls!! He'll be away crawling everywhere any day now!! Tyne started 2 days after my 10 month update and had been commando-crawling for a while! ;)


  5. These are lovely pictures, Ethan is so cute! I can't believe how quickly they grow up, Oscar is coming up to 9 months! x

    Kat from Blushing Rose Beauty | Tiny Flutters - Mummy & Baby

  6. Love the photos and the post! :) He is such a handsome babe!