Feeding Goats in the Rain

We decided to visit a little farm recently called Bucks Goat Centre that's really close to where we live and the weather in true typical British style was absolutely crap! It did actually look like a lovely (perhaps a little cold, but still lovely) day with gorgeous blue skies and fluffy clouds when we left home but unfortunately as soon as got there the skies opened up on us..obviously.
Apart from the rain and the mud (the type that's really thick and oozes!), oh and the broken umbrella, it was a lovely little experience. We're (as you'll all know by now) big animal lovers, so we love to take Ethan to places like the farm. 
Here (taken when the rain decided to eventually stop) are a few photos from our day. :)
bucks goat centre, farm, farm for babies

Think my Husband was a little scared of the goats if I'm honest, haha!
Mummy Pig with all of her babies - now that must be such hard work!

Where are your favourite family places to visit?


  1. Lovely post!! Its so great to get outdoors with the little ones..especially boys! We love white post farm (inside and outside so great all weathers) and our local nature reserve...Rio's a true little boy and loves bugs and exploring. He also loves Astrabound (AKA soft play hell) must to my annoyance ;) x

  2. SO cute!! I love goats....they are a little terrifying and they do look slightly like they want to munch on Ethan ...but I do love them! lol they just crack me up, they're like...the craziest animal!

    typical it rained but looks like a lovely time anyway! Good job you didnt wear your nice white coat! ;)