Tonsillitis. BUT new clothes.

Feeling unwell is so annoying. It's boring and messes up plans of fun weekends together with my Husband. I've got tonsillitis at the moment and I wish it would hurry up and pass.

I did however have a lovely little delivery today of some new clothes! Which is always a great way to feel a little bit better. :) I spent pretty much all of my Christmas money on restocking my wardrobe. Did I need new clothes? Probably not.. but they are nice! Or I think so anyway!

I'm not particularly fashionable, I have my own little style going on and I'm happy with that. I tend to go for comfy over tight clothes. I'm loving pastels lately and anything pretty or more girly.

Sticking with the pastel theme that I'm in love with currently, I put in an order for a few jumpers and one of those collared tops that are much more suited to the Summer but I think they look great under jumpers, so that's the plan. I also ordered the polka dot blue dress from River Island for like £25 and it is so much better in the flesh. I can't wait to wear it!

What do you think of my purchases? Oh, and excuse the general look of tiredness in the photo below. I didn't want to take the jumper off ;)


  1. Those clothes are so cute! I love the minty sweater. Makes me wish for spring :) I hope you'll be feeling better soon!!

  2. Loving the pastel shades hun :) xx

  3. Really loving pastels :) http://www.joannavictoria.co.uk/